Hyperemesis Again?!?!?

I’m currently sitting on my parents couch with an IV in my arm and a Zofran pump in my side, while my dad teaches Luke the finer points of Candy Crush. At my prenatal appointment the other day, I was diagnosed with Hyperemesis again. Thankfully the doctor isn’t fooling around this go round and recommended a Zofran pump and a home health care nurse to help take care of me until I can work the machine on my own. 

The Zofran pump is an interesting little contraption, that will have its own post hopefully tomorrow. Basically I have a catheter in my side that is rotated daily, that releases a small amount of Zofran subcutaneously every 3 minutes. So far it hasn’t helped, but i just hit the 24 hour mark. I haven’t kept anything down (but dinner last night) since Friday afternoon, and became pretty dehydrated.

I was dizzy today and could barely function and called into the OB. They added 3 bags of iv fluids to the home health care order for today and I have to keep testing my ketone level to make sure that I don’t get dehyrdratef again. They may add reglan to the zofran for nausea in 2 weeks. 

I can honestly say that hyperemesis is the worst aspect of pregnancy. When you spend all day throwing up, it tends to wear you down. You can’t go anywhere because you’re going to puke. You can’t make yourself or anyone else something to eat, all you do is lie on the bathroom floor and hope you aren’t going to vomit. 


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