First OB Appointment

After a not such a great OB when we were pregnant with Luke, Ronny and I chose another clinic this go around. So far I really like the clinic we chose. We started with a dating scan. First off let me say that Baby L looks great. To be honest I was pretty certain that I had lost the baby over the weekend. I didn’t tell anyone but Ronny and my mom, because I didn’t want to think about it…..but I passed a pretty substantial clot and had some red bleeding over the weekend. The ultrasound tech did a pretty thorough look see and everything looks great. 

The doctor says the bleeding was most likely from the formation of the placenta starting and pulling a bit from the wall creating a sub chorionic hemorrhage. Baby looks great though and there is no more evidence of bleeding, so all is well. Baby’s heart rate has jumped from 108 bpm to 146 bpm. 

We discussed my nausea and puking issue and the doctors office is working to get home health care involved. Ultimately they would like a zofran pump and iv hydration. But we have to wait and see what the health insurance company says. I haven’t kept a single thing down since Saturday….and have already lost 2 pounds since then. I also have a prescription for zofran on the way and the phenergan. 

I am overall really happy with the clinic. The doctor I saw got called away to a delivery in the middle of our appointment, but called to phone chat after the delivery. She was super nice and really went with the flow on what we did with Luke. They are already saying that we will do a pca line with morphine again, the ddavp will be on hand and they are aware that I didn’t produce enough milk and will likely need formula on hand. I’ll continue to see the same doc until the half way point and then meet the rest of the team in case she isn’t delivering when we go into labor. 

We also discussed the VitaliT test (which is the materniT test for women under 35) and she said she would recommend it along with the nt scan. So Ronny and I have some discussing to do and decide if we want to pay for that.

I think we are going to stick with these guys πŸ™‚ 


10 thoughts on “First OB Appointment

  1. Glad you like your new ob. πŸ™‚ and so happy the baby is doing well!! That is clearest early ultrasound I have ever seen. You can see the shape of the baby perfectly! Amazing and beautiful!!

    This is totally unrelated but I’ve been meaning to ask, can Luke have oatmeal? You may already know this but I just recently found out that there is actually oat milk (like rice milk) and it tastes pretty good! Kind of naturally sweet. My boys loved it. I know he doesn’t need it now but maybe later on if oats are something he can tolerate. Just thought I’d mention it.


  2. One good thing about being 35 and considered old is that my insurance will pay for the Harmony prenatal test – in fact, I have a meeting with the genetic counselor tomorrow and then the blood draw. So exciting to think I could know the gender of the baby from nothing but a blood sample, and this early!


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