Luke’s Doctor Visits Updates

It’s been awhile since I sat down and wrote a detailed update on how Luke is doing with all of his doctor visits, so I thought that it would be a good post for today.

Cardiology: Luke was born with an innocent heart murmur and a small hole in the wall of his heart. Both were determined to be non-life threatening and don’t need further treatment. The hole may close on its own, or it may not….but it shouldn’t cause any issues. The murmur will always be there but isn’t harmful. We do not have to go back to cardiology unless something drastic happens.

Urology: Luke’s penis is healing nicely from his chordee repair. It is still slightly swollen, and some days looks a bit bruised…..but overall it has healed nicely and shouldn’t cause any issues with form, function or fertility in the future. The swelling should go down once he starts walking and transitions from diapers to underwear. We are done with urology.

ENT: the ent decided that Luke did have both lip and tongue ties. We opted to let them be and see if they resolved on their own. Recently, the tongue tie must have stretched on its own because Luke can now reach the top of his mouth with his tongue (previously he could only make it about half way), stick his tongue out, and make clicking sounds with his mouth. His lip tie doesn’t appear to be stretching but it’s not major right now. We don’t have to go back to the ent.

Gastroenterology: We have made major strides in the GI department. In the past 3 weeks, Luke has started drinking between 3 and 4 ounces at a time rather than 1-2 ounces at a time. He has puked a total of 5 times in a month, compared to 10-20 times a day. He does still have some wet burps, but I think we’re turning a corner finally. Unfortunately, things aren’t 100% better yet. We got the results of Lukes blood test back and he went from border line anemic to highly anemic in 3 months. He’s still bleeding somewhere. We are giving him iron enriched formula and cereal, as well as iron drops, but his level has still dropped considerably. We are increasing his iron supplement and trialing more foods to help get his iron levels up. We go back in 2.5 months for a follow up and repeat blood work.

Allergy/Asthma: this is still a work in progress. Most of Luke’s skin prick tests came back positive, confirming the reactions I have seen at home…..but his blood test came back negative for everything. This gives the allergist hope that Luke will outgrow a number of reactions, but we don’t know when. We are still on a stand still for new foods, but we did try chicken and no reaction so far. We did decide to give pulmicort a try because stoping the albuterol and switch to Zyrtec did nothing for his wheezing and cough. So far the pulmicort is working really well. We go back to the allergist in a week. 

Pediatrician: nothing new to report here. I may try to take Luke in tomorrow because I think he might have thrush again but other than that we don’t go in until May 5.

That’s all of Luke’s doctors for now


8 thoughts on “Luke’s Doctor Visits Updates

  1. Good that you are done with so many of the specialists!! Hopefully he does outgrow a lot of the allergies, and hopefully some time soon. At least you guys are making progress with everything!


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