Follow Up Fertility Appointment

After a rocky ending to the day on Friday, this weekend was absolutely nerve wracking. I basically lived in limbo land, not knowing what was going on or what I was supposed to be seen for. One doctor told me repeat blood work to check my beta levels, another doctor said to schedule a repeat ultrasound. The clinic had no idea what I was supposed to do either. To err on the side of caution they chose to repeat blood work and do another scan.

This has left me more in limbo that I was Friday. My beta levels have continued to rise at an amazing rate. I went from 1504 Friday night to 4732, doubling every 37 hours. When they did the ultrasound, there was a sac in my uterus measuring spot on 5 weeks. A cyst on my right ovary was consistent with a corpus luteum. From the sound of it, this pregnancy is progressing as it should. BUT, the doctors still can’t confirm whether or not the pregnancy is uterine or ectopic, won’t say if it’s progressing as normal or give me any hope.

They have given me 3 scenarios that could happen. 1) this could be a normal pregnancy with normal aches and pains, 2) it could be an ectopic pregnancy with a psuedo sac in my uterus, or 3) it could be a non-viable pregnancy with miscarriage coming. I think the 3rd scenario is pretty unlikely at this point. With everything seeming to progress as it should, a threatened miscarriage makes no sense. I’ve never heard of a psuedo sac, but I’m pretty sure they would still see evidence of a pregnancy in the tube at this point. 

So I am going with normal pregnancy with normal aches and pains. While the cramping is anything but normal, baby L has implanted on the right, came from my right ovary and is completely opposite of Luke. They removed scar tissue from my right side 2 years ago, so that could be why I am more sensitive on that side. 

Either way: I have to just keep thinking L is doing what s/he is supposed to and we will see a yolk sac, fetal pole and heart beat next week 


14 thoughts on “Follow Up Fertility Appointment

  1. It is so hard when you get scans so early on as there really is a limit to what you can see. I am voting for normal pregnancy too 🙂 Hoping the time passes quickly to that next scan where you will see more!

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  2. Did they measure your tubes? Usually they can measure and see if there are signs of free fluid (blood) or inflammation on the tubes or ovaries. Hopefully it’s intrauterine and it’s just a little early still to see anything inside the sac. Definitely be cautious though and if you have more pain/bleeding- be seen. Good luck!!

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  3. That seems really odd to me that they can’t tell where the sac is at this point. I would think they should be able to tell that it’s either in the tube or in the uterus?? I’m really confused by that. But, that being said…I’m so happy that your numbers are continuing to double nicely!! I noticed that you’re calling it “baby L”…do you already have names picked out?!

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  4. Strange that you still need to go through the fertility clinic and have so much monitoring despite conceiving naturally in a relatively short amount of time. It must be beyond frustrating for you, especially with everything you already have on your plate with Luke! Wishing you all the best

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