Do you guys remember a month or two ago when I mentioned how every time I’ve gotten pregnant (and the day before I delivered Luke) our fish have had babies? Well…..they have been at it again. My husband nearly scared me to death when he discovered the enormous amount of baby fish swimming around the tank. Judging by their size, the fish have been there about a week, lining up with when I possibly would have implanted. 

All in all, there are approximately 300 babies in the tank right now, so we think that both sets of fish had babies at the same time. CRAZY!!

As far as I go, I took a clear blue digital pregnancy test with weeks estimator and got 2-3 weeks. Now I know that blood hcg levels are higher than urine hcg levels. I also know that the CB digital doesn’t show 2-3 weeks until urine hcg levels have reached 200 miu. My blood hcg level was 116 yesterday. So in 24 hours, my hcg level has again doubled and then some to get my urine hcg level above 200. 

This is so surreal. Here are my test pics:



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