There Is Never A “Right Time”

**Trigger warning**
It isn’t often that I post trigger warnings, but I feel that this post is going to deserve one. I see all the time on the various Facebook groups I’m in women wondering when they should tell people they are expecting. My own personal answer to this question has evolved over the years. If you would have asked me at the beginning of our journey I would have said to wait until the end of the first trimester, once the risk of something happening has lessened. Then I miscarried. Then I miscarried again. When I miscarried for the third time, I decided that I would rather have people happy for us while we’re pregnant than find out after the fact. 

When I found out I was pregnant with Luke, we decided to tell people right away. If something happened at least people would have been happy for a short period of time, and as time went on I was glad we had so much support from the beginning.

As we embarked on baby#2, I still feel that telling people from the start is the way to go, and praying that I don’t have to take the words back. 

Trying for number 2 has been a bit emotional for me. It took so long to conceive Luke that I didn’t want to wait too long to start trying again. I also feel immense guilt because so many are still struggling to get one baby, and here we are trying for #2. I also feel guilty for wanting more children. I feel like some how I am taking away from Luke by having more children…..and taking away from him if I don’t. It’s a fine line!

Before I go on, Ronny and I found out we are expecting again on Thursday (3/31/2016). This pregnancy came as a total shock to both of us. While it “only” took 4 months this time, I had one chemical pregnancy and the heartache each month of not being the cycle. 

This cycle was weird. I ovulated early again, cycle day 14. The night I ovulated I was in so much pain I just laid on the floor and let Luke climb all over me. I cramped uncontrollably for 3 days. On 8 dpo, I felt the sharpest fiery pain imaginable. I chalked it up to a pulled muscle or risidual pain from the worst massage ever. That night I had a dream that I found out we were pregnant. The next day (9 dpo) my uterus felt like it had the heebie jeebies. Seriously it was shaking and shivering and felt so weird. I thought something might be going on. At 10 dpo I woke up feeling so incredibly sick. I decided to test and saw the FAINTEST line. Ronny didn’t see anything though. I tested again later and the frer digital came up positive. 

I went in Friday for a beta draw. At 11 dpo my level was 28. The clinic had me worried because they said it was a lot lower than they like to see. I went back today and my level jumped to 116 (doubling time of 22 hours). Everything looks good so far and I have an ultrasound at the 6 week mark. 

Baby will be here around December 12, and we couldnt be more excited. 

Pics to come   




29 thoughts on “There Is Never A “Right Time”

  1. I’ve been wondering how long until you post something! As a true internet stalker, I’ve been keeping an eye on your ovulation chart so I knew what was going on 🙂
    We were pregnant at the same time last time, and it also turns out I’m 8 weeks pregnant now! How interesting 🙂
    Naturally, congrats

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  2. So excited for you!! I don’t think anyone who goes through this wishes it happen to anyone twice! So glad Luke was what you needed to get your next baby faster!! It will be so cool to have them so close together!

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  3. Congrats again! I’m happy to see that you have a great doubling time.
    I felt the same way you do about when to tell people. After our first miscarriage, I had wished we had told people so they could have been happy with us, and helped to support us through the heartache. (A couple people knew, but it would have felt better if we had more support.) This time around we simply wanted to wait until we saw a baby and a heartbeat, since we never got either last time. I strongly feel that you just need to do whatever is best for YOU. Other people will always have their opinions on what is right and what isn’t. But go with your heart. So excited for you!

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