E.R. Visit, Evacuation and Ants

When it rains……..it hurricanes! When Luke woke up laughing yesterday morning, I was so hopeful that we were going to have a good day. The day was great up until about 1:30. Luke laughed, played and genuinely enjoyed the day. He ate pancakes for the first time (ewwww) for breakfast, devoured a banana and danced his heart out to the abc song. He did get a bit fussy when I left the vacuum in the middle of the floor……he hates the vacuum.

At 1:30, shit went downhill fast. Ronny and I have been using a new method of food introduction to Luke. Step one is a swipe of a new food on his forehead. If he reacts (via hives or worse) we stop there. If no reaction, we put a tiny bit on his lip. Again, reaction = stop, no reaction and he gets a single bite. 

Well, I had some thawed cauliflower purée in the fridge and figured I’d give him a forehead swipe and maybe we could try the bite for dinner. I wiped a bit of purée onLuke’s forehead and turned around to finish loading the dishwasher. In a matter of seconds, Luke was crying so hard and pulling at me. When I turned around his face was one big hive.

I gave him some Benadryl and a blueberry juice chaser. A few minutes later, Luke started struggling to breathe. I called Ronny at work to see what I should do, grabbing a clean shirt and packing the diaper bag as I waited on hold. Ronny told me to head to the er, so away I went. We got about 8 blocks from the hospital and Lukes breathing got really bad and he lost consciousness. I pulled over and stabbed my son with an epi pen. He immediately started crying so we jumped back in the car. 

Luke lost consciousness again as we pulled into the er. I got out of the car, ran through the parking lot shaking him, blew past the security guard and headed for the desk. As I approached the desk a nurse came from somewhere took Luke from my hands and ran with him to a room. As she was running she told another nurse he was awake but unresponsive and his mouth was turning blue.

So many people converged on the room. Luke had wires stuck all over him, air, an IV inserted and a thorough check up. He wound up getting a bag of fluids and steroids.

When we got home, it took a bit but I got Luke to sleep. Ronny woke me up at 11:45 and told me the fire alarm was going off and our building was being evacuated. The apartment above us on the other side had smoke coming from it. I wrapped Luke in a blanket, grabbed the formula and headed out the door. 20 minutes later we were allowed to go back in.

This morning, things were going well until I noticed bumps on Luke.  

Turns out, Luke got ahold of the ant trap I had in the bathroom, and ants got all over him. Did you know black ants bite? Neither did I, but it happened. I smeared him in cortisone cream and he’s much better now. 
My poor guy is such a resilient little booger! 


5 thoughts on “E.R. Visit, Evacuation and Ants

  1. Oh my gosh how scary. So pleased the hospital were right onto it for you. Trying new foods must make you so anxious. The fact that you can keep on doing it and stay sane is incredible. You are amazing to me!


  2. Oh my goodness. Too much excitement for one day. Hope things calm down soon and your little man gets over he ant bites. Thank goodness he is ok after the ER visit.


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