Ttc Baby 2, Cycle 4 update

Well, I’m currently sitting at 5 dpo…..and having a heck of a time. Sunday afternoon I got a peak reading on the clear blue opk, and the wondfo and dollar tree opks were close. They got darker and darker, becoming incredibly positive on Monday, before becoming negative again Monday night. 

My husband and I were able to dtd on Friday, Sunday mid afternoon and Monday mid morning. On Monday night I experienced some incredibly strong cramping. So strong in fact, I couldn’t move and was basically stuck on the floor laying on my side. I cramped from about 8 pm to 11:30 ish, and then the pain subsided into a mild ache. On Tuesday I had some pretty intense lower abdomen pressure, that only got relieved by taking a Percocet. It’s now mostly just mild to moderate pressure with occasional sharp pains and twinges.

Aside from the weird cramps, I’m not really having any signs of pregnancy occurring. I suppose I wouldn’t though with implantation having most likely not occurred yet (assuming we were successful this month). 

I guess we’ll see what the next couple of days brings


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