Luke’s GI Follow Up

We went to the GI Doctor for Luke yesterday. It was a pretty easy appointment, but drawn out because we had to talk to a resident first. Luke still pukes somewhere between 10 and 30 times a day, so I would say his reflux meds are definitely not controlling his reflux. 

At this point I am only going to be giving him the Prevacid. We can stop the Zantac because it isn’t doing anything anyways. Rather than opt to give him medicine to empty his stomach faster, we have decided to wait and see how his reflux does in the next month or two. He’s gaining weight pretty well now that we have started him on solids, so the failure to thrive is gone. 

We did discuss FPIES and really there isn’t a way to distinguish FPIES from allergic reaction because they act the same way. He did agree that strict avoidance of Lukes allergens is the best and said that at 1, we will switch Luke over to Elecare jr. instead of switching him to a milk alternative for the time being. The GI did say that at the most basic level, we are doing great. Luke is growing and developing right on track.

All in all -an easy appointment with really no changes at this point. 


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