Cycle 4: Here We Go

This TTC update is brought to you by the letters A and F, and the number 4. Not going to lie, I was pretty down in the dumps that cycle 3 didn’t go as planned. Let’s face it though, cycle 3 was a nutty, crazy, wacky cycle anyways.

I ovulated on cycle day 13, 4 days earlier than normal. Ronny and I inadvertently hit all three days pre-ovulation and had really good timing. My temps spiked on cycle day 13 and stayed up for the 3 days showing ovulation. At 8 dpo I had a massive temp dip, followed by an even bigger and sustained temp rise. Everything was pointing at pregnancy.

At 10 dpo, I took a pregnancy test. I got a faint, but positive FRER at 10 and 11 DPO. Unfortunately at 12 DPO and beyond the tests went negative. So, we did do something right this cycle and I was pregnant for a few days. Unfortunately, something happened and the embryo must have stopped growing, resulting in a chemical pregnancy.

To be completely honest, seeing two lines on a pregnancy test followed by only one line, brought me right back to  when we were struggling before getting pregnant with Luke. As you watch the second line appear on the test, your life changes completely. I was consumed with thoughts of being a mommy of two. Two days later the life that I had been envisioning was taken from me when the tests went negative.

While it was heartbreaking, I still have a little boy who needs me very much. I didn’t have much time to sit and think about the life that we could have had, because I was so busy trying to keep the life that I do have, moving forward.

So where do we go from here? I am waiting for a call from the fertility clinic. I still need to get the medical records from all of the fertility testing that we had done before getting pregnant with Luke sent over to the fertility clinic. I’m just not sure what dates or tests to request records for so I need to call the clinic. One thing they are working on is when exactly they want me to start progesterone. I didn’t make it far enough to get to the clinic for betas and progesterone, which could have been an issue. I also talked to them about the fact that the progesterone suppositories gave me a really bad rash and they are trying to figure something else out.

I am going to continue temping, using ovulation tests and trying to time intercourse for the best possible timing during my fertile window. I may be setting up a time to go into the fertility clinic to make sure everything is a-ok for trying and go from there.

Maybe cycle 4 will be the one……


One thought on “Cycle 4: Here We Go

  1. I’ve used both prometrium orally, and pio at various times. I prefer pio. Make sure if you get it through that its in an oil your are not likely to be allergic to.

    I’m sorry about the disappearing positives. I had one convincingly positive test (though it was probably a fluke) a couple months ago followed by AF. It definitely does a number on the heart. 😦


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