Huge Updates

I admit, I have been avidly avoiding my blog for the past couple of days. I am super overwhelmed with everything that has been going on……and there is a lot going on. In the grander scheme of things, there isn’t really that much going on but it sure feels like it.

First things first. I called and scheduled an allergist appointment for Luke. He’s had some pretty bad reactions to foods, and I wanted to make sure to have an Epi Pen Jr. on hand in case he stopped breathing one of these times. When he tried pears and even more so with apples, he got red welted hives all over his body, his arms, legs and cheeks swelled, he had a hard time breathing…….it was a mess. I took Luke to the allergist on Thursday morning. We were there for 2 hours! The allergist was an amazing guy, who listened to everything that’s been going on and decided it’s in Luke’s best interest to do a skin prick test. They tested a number of things, and Luke had quite the reaction to a few.


We found out that he has severe reactions to egg, shrimp, shell fish, pears, apples, avocado, peanuts, cows milk, wheat, soy, almonds and cashews. Essentially, he’s allergic to 7 of the top 8 allergens (but they didn’t test the 7th, so he could be top 8 allergic), plus some additional ones. They didn’t really test everything though so there is still the possibility of more allergens that we just don’t know about.

So we now carry around Epi Pen Jr.’s with us (in addition to my regular epi pen) in case he accidentally comes into contact with something he shouldn’t. I am also now carrying around a nebulizer because the allergist said that he’s 99% certain that Luke also has asthma, which is why he’s constantly coughing and wheezing. He has albuterol treatments morning and night, with extra treatments as needed during the day.

Luke has been really fussy since the skin prick testing. He has pooped nothing but mucus and is pooping between 15 and 18 times a day. His little but is raw. I feel so bad for him, but feel somewhat relieved to know that there is a medical reason why he is reacting the way that he is, and there is medical evidence that I’m not just making stuff up. I don’t know what the hell I’m going to feed this kid, but I’ll get it figured out.

I’m not sure what is going on with my cycle either. I ovulated on cycle day 13 for sure. I had a lot of cramping and rubber band snapping feelings going on in my lower abdomen by my hips on 7 days past ovulation. The next day (8 dpo) I  had a major temp dip, followed by an even bigger temp rise 9 dpo. My chart is looking amazing, and I’m having some symptoms as well. Mainly just nausea, a head ache, some cramping and fatigue. I tested yesterday and there was for sure a second VERY faint pink line. Took another test today using one of the new FRER with the curved handle and there was a line the whole time. I can’t tell if it’s positive or not. I’m only 11 dpo, so my period won’t even be here until Tuesday or Wednesday if it’s coming, so there is still plenty of time.

The grey area has me feeling quite down. I feel like I did before we had Luke, when tests would be negative and a new cycle would start. I know that it’s going to happen when it happens (and it could still happen this month) and I can’t rush things along……but come on already!

I need to snap out of this funk I’m in. Being down and out isn’t going to help anything or anyone, and I still have to take care of Luke.


18 thoughts on “Huge Updates

  1. Poor little Luke. At least you have some answers on all that and a safety precaution if you need it. That’s the most you can ask for. I hope you find some things that your little dude can eat soon and that he ends up growing out of most of his allergies.


  2. Poor Luke! Those welts look so itchy and uncomfortable. Hope things get better in that department.

    Good luck on the TTC front. My fingers are crossed for you.


  3. Poor baby Luke!

    Ugh. I can’t have only one of those and it’s a pain.

    Coconut may be your friend in the future. Did they mention if they thought he’d grow put of any? I know sometimes they can.

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  4. I’m so glad you got him in to an allergist so you don’t have to keep doing this trial-and-error stuff with his food. What did they say you CAN feed him? I would hope that they would help you out with that. Hopefully once his little body settles down a bit from the testing, the poo will normalize and he will be feeling better.
    I have read that those new curved FRERs have given a lot of false positives. Something about the line falls right at the curve and it can make it turn pink even though there’s no real hormones present. I would stick with the old fashioned straight ones. Good luck!


  5. As someone with allergies allergy testing has always been part of my life. My sister had a few really sever allergies so we were always aware of what we consumed in order to keep her healthy. It just became part of our lifestyle, but as a young child and sibling I never really understood just how scary it could be. As a parent, I know realize that this is probably terrifying for you in a whole new way. So, I am so glad you got him tested and got access to the right medications and the emergency epi-pen! Sending you so much love as you continue to try new foods.


  6. I’m so sorry to hear that Luke is allergic to so many things! I know it will probably be very challenging to know what to feed him until you get in a rhythm with it. I’m glad you got the epi pens!

    What exciting news that you may be seeing the beginning of a positive! I’ll be looking forward to the updates.


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