Halfway Through the TWW

Today I am halfway through the dreaded two week wait of our third cycle trying to conceive our second baby. This has been one very weird cycle, so I’m not sure how confident I feel with our chances this month. Every month we have the same odds, but when things get weird, I get nervous.

This cycle has definitely been a strange one. Based on previous experience, I’m wondering if we didn’t have an egg fertilize and try to implant but something happen. In the past, the cycle after a miscarriage left me bleeding for a few more days, and ovulating earlier than normal. With this cycle, I bled heavily for 3 days instead of my normal 1.5 and spotted for an extra 2 days. Very unusual for me. I also ovulated on cycle day 13 instead of cycle day 17. It’s a good thing I started testing when I did because I would have missed the surge otherwise.

So here I sit, 7 dpo, not feeling much of anything. Yesterday I had a bit of pulling in my hip while we were walking around the zoo. We had great timing, but I’m not sure if this is our month or not.

My Ovulation Chart


3 thoughts on “Halfway Through the TWW

  1. It took me a while after my mc before my cycle seemed normal again. Good luck! From what I’ve read & heard, many women achieve successful pregnancies shortly after mc’s. Good luck! I understand the secondary infertility struggle. It is f’n frustrating. Xx

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  2. My cycle post birth was weird and different to what I had experienced previously. I think childbirth probably changes things a little. Eventually it may settle into a rhythm. As for the mc thing well my Dr believes the more fertile thing and this baby in my tummy right now is a result of that so you just never know! Good luck!


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