It Really Is Amazing……

When you get pregnant, there is so much propaganda on how to best feed your newborn. Breast is best is shoved so far down your throat, that anything less than exclusive breast feeding makes you feel like total garbage. I got to thinking about it and other than breast feeding, how exactly to go about feeding a child is never really talked about (minus the EBF/EFF, BLW/Traditional debates). Not once in any of my prenatal classes did anyone mention the proper way to make a bottle. No one talked about the differences in formulas or even how to pump and feed.

This dilemma goes far beyond breast milk vs. formula. When Luke hit 4 months, we were told to go ahead and start trying solids. No one told us how to go about it, what to start with, what to look for when food trials begin for a baby with allergies……nothing. The doctor left it up to trial and error……and a lot of help from Dr. Google. I learned more from a children with food allergies group on Facebook than I did from anyone in the medical field.

When we went to the GI doctor shortly after Luke turned 6 months, he again said to go ahead and try giving him solids. The only advice he had was to try oatmeal since Luke had already failed rice cereal. No other suggestions on low allergenic foods, how to go about it, nothing. When asked about seeing an allergist, the GI said that they wouldn’t be able to do any testing until Luke is at least 1 because of the potential for 1)false positives and 2)growing out of allergies as he develops.

Well……with the reaction he had to apples, I called Luke’s pediatrician to inquire as to how to go about getting epinephrine for just in case. She confirmed that Luke’s reaction was more than just a minor thing and that as we get deeper into trials, the potential for a reaction is higher as well. Unfortunately, she would rather Luke see an allergist for proper dosing and administration training on the epi because he is too small for the epi pen jr.

The big question is why is there so little parental guidance when it comes to anything other than breast milk? Most of my research came from blog posts, moms that have kids with allergies and books published by people who are far from experts on the subject.

It certainly is frustrating!


7 thoughts on “It Really Is Amazing……

  1. I understand what you mean. I feel like so much of this parenting thing is trial and error.

    We went through 4 formulas to find one that worked for us. As for solids I followed the advice of friends and did some research. We’re still working on food/milk intake and sleep habits.

    There is just so much variety of what is “right” out there. However for your sake I feel like you should be getting more support from the medical field. I hope that changes soon for you. I feel bad that Luke keeps going through all these issues with food.


  2. This is such a good point. Parents who need to formula feed for whatever reason would be so helped by feedback on formulas and guidance into all the health and safety stuff that is required for bottle feeding. So true! Great point!


  3. This is a really great point! Even with breastfeeding, most of those mom’s aren’t instructed on pumping and storage and reheating. Or potential complications that are actually normal.

    And you’re right it’s in all other avenues of feeding as well. Maybe you should start up a campaign!

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  4. It’s really sad that there’s no info out there about these things. As I’m not nearly that far into things yet, it’s not anything that I’ve really thought about. Though my niece is lactose intolerant, and my nephew is allergic to all dairy and a host of other things. The ped allergist that my sister has DOES go over how to introduce things and exactly what to do with her, but she didn’t start seeing them until my nephew was at least a few years old. (He’s 5 1/2 now.) I would give you the name, but they’re in FL, so it wouldn’t help you much. I wish there was more help out there though for everyone going through these issues.


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