Happy Valentines Day and IgE Respones

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I know you guys are thinking I am nuts. Valentines Day was 12 days ago, but due to Luke’s surgery and GI appointments, Ronny and I postponed our celebrations. We are going to celebrate today. My mom is going to hang out with Luke while Ronny and I go on a date. We are going to go bowling and then head to my absolute favorite restaurant, Hu Hot, before picking Luke up for the night.

I’m a bit nervous to leave him because he had a pretty major reaction to the apples I gave him yesterday. His little body was covered in a rash, he got a bit swollen in the face and body, and was really really fussy. I suppose he probably itched like crazy. I gave him some Benadryl and watched him like a hawk last night, and he woke up much better today.

I was doing some research into infant allergic responses to fruits and vegetables, and came across some pretty interesting information. Before I go on with what I discovered, let me tell you what responses Luke has had to foods.

Apples – rash/hives, vomiting, swelling of face and body, wheezing, trouble getting to sleep, mucus in diaper, excema flare

Avocado – rash/hives, fussy, couldn’t sleep, tummy ache, blood/mucus in diapers, reflux flare

Butternut Squash – horrible rash on butt, fussy, did’t sleep well

Pears – Rash/hives, reflux flare, tummy ache, trouble sleeping, diarrhea, butt rash, mucus in poop

Rice – arching back, tummy ache, difficulty sleeping, reflux flare, vomiting, rash, diarrhea, excema, mucus in poops

Now onto what I was just reading about: 

Allergic responses to fruits and vegetables in babies isn’t very common. However, an allergy to certain pollen can trigger an allergic reaction to fruits/vegetables with similar pollen. The allergicc reaction is to a protein called profilin, which are found in trees, grass and weed pollens. The fruits and vegetables most likely to trigger a response are members of the rosaceae family and cucurbitaceae family. These include: apples, pears, cherries, peaches, plums, cucumber, melons, zucchini and pumpkin. People with latex allergies also have reactions to kiwi, avocado and banana.

Of the list above, Luke has already had horrible reactions to apples, pears and avocado. He has also reacted to Butternut squash, which is a similar structure to and in the pumpkin family. Now here’s the interesting thing. Luke is also dairy and soy reactive. Soy is part of the legume family, and babies reactive to one legume often react to several including peas, green beans, lentils and beans.

So where does that leave us with food trials? I am going to keep going with what I just made and see how he does. I made the next set of trials without knowing the above stuff…..so I made bananas, plums, green beans and carrots. Three of the four are on the list of things he might react to. I am going to contact his doctor about getting an epi pen (or epinephrine in a vial with needles) in case he has a severe reaction. From there I am going to do some research into “safe” fruits and veggies and trial those next.



6 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day and IgE Respones

  1. I think an epi-pen is a very wise decision! Hoping the next set of food trials goes well and without any issues. But, I know having an epi-pen on hand will help now and also as he gets older and may accidentally come into contact with something outside of the house.
    Happy valentines day to you and Ronny! I hope you enjoy your date! 🙂

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  2. Poor baby! My son had a severe allergic reaction to oatmeal – looked like he has been whipped with a belt and sunburned all over with hive welts from scalp to toes. They gave us an epi pen Jr. after seeing how badly he reacted to something that’s considered low on the allergic scale. I feel like my butt clenches every time I introduce something new. I’m sorry you and Luke have had such a stressful few months. Hope you can enjoy a nice evening out

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  3. Awesome research you did, but sucks for poor Luke. I really hope they can figure out what’s causing all this, and maybe he grows out of some of it soon. Hope you have fun on your date night though!

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