Hospital Scare

This post comes from the cardiac short stay area of the emergency room. My mom has this weird lump in her arm and paired with shortness of breath and occasional chest pains we were sent to the e.r. We thought we were coming for an ultrasound to check and make sure her hand was receiving ample blood, but what has been happening since arrival is scary.

When we got in, she couldn’t eat or drink anything. She was hooked up to an ekg, had chest x-rays taken and was taken for a ct scan of her lungs. She was required to stay in the hospital over night and was taken for a stress test this morning. The doctor told us it would take about an hour at 7:30. The nurse came back to the room at 9:15 and said it would be at least another hour or more until she’s back in the room again. We’re going on hour 3 of what was supposed to be a 30 minute test. 

At this point we don’t have many more details. They are checking for heart disease but don’t know….. Ronny came to the er with me and him and Luke are both napping right now.
If you pray please send a prayer up for my mom


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