Luke’s 6 Month Check Up & UGI Results

Luke is 6.5 months old and we just did his 6 moth check up. It had to be postponed because of his Chordee repair two weeks ago. Here’s how the appointment went:

2:15 – We checked in and I got the 6 month questionnaire to fill out. I answered yes for all of the questions but two…..Luke doesn’t smile at himself in the mirror yet, and he doesn’t stand all the way flat footed when he’s standing.

2:30 – We were called back to the room. I got Luke undressed and the nurse took Luke’s measurements. He was 27 inches long (50%), weighed 16 pounds 6.5 ounces (20%) and had a head circumference of 44 centimeters (57%). Overall he is growing well, and has jumped quite a bit in the percentiles for weight. He did gain about a pound and a half in a month, but has only gained 3 ounces in 2 weeks. I think he hit a growth spurt and is now going back to normal.

2:50 – Doctor comes in and asks how everything is going. I fill her in on all of the various doctors visits that we have had over the past 2 months since we last saw her. She jokes that I could almost be a doctor myself with all of the medical knowledge Luke is giving us the opportunity to learn. She says that she has the results of Luke’s upper GI, which showed normal anatomy and reflux. So he doesn’t have a hernia as suspected (which is good), and we now have confirmation of Luke’s reflux so doctors don’t think I’m making it up (I doubt they do since they’ve seen Luke puking before). We discuss immunizations and decide to go ahead with all vaccines except the influenza vaccine because Luke reacts very poorly to immunizations. She gives him a once over. He still has the heart murmur, his ears have recovered from the double ear infection he had over Christmas and his lungs are clear.

3:15 – The nurse comes in and gives Luke his injections. It took awhile because she wouldn’t stop tickling him. It annoyed me quite a bit, but I didn’t say anything seeing as she was about to stab my son with needles.

Overall the appointment went really well. Luke is growing nicely (even if it is on the slower side of things) and is meeting or exceeding all of his milestones.



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