Upper GI Done – Did We Find Anything Out?

Luke had his upper GI yesterday. Luke couldn’t have anything to eat or drink after 11 am, and we were supposed to be to the hospital at 2 pm to check in for our 2:30 pm appointment. Luke of course didn’t want anything to eat until 1:30 in the afternoon and spent a decent amount of time crying and hungry.

They brought us back at about 2:45 pm. Ronny and I got to hang out in the room while the technician and his two assistants performed the testing. Basically, Ronny and I watched while the assistants held Luke’s arms and legs so they could get “good” images. The technician directed the assistants on the positions to hold Luke in, and when to give him the barium contrast bottle. Luke hated the entire thing and screamed at the top of his lungs.

So did we learn anything? That’s a big fat yes, and a big fat I don’t know. I can tell you what the technician told us, but we are waiting for the official documentation from the radiologist to be sent to the GI doctor, who will review it and give me a call.

We learned that Luke’s stomach is quite literally only able to hold about 2.5 ounces of liquid at a time. What this means, I have no idea. At this point his tummy should be able to hold between 4.5 and 6 ounces at a time. I’m not sure where to go with information, or what can be done to correct the issue……but it is reassuring to know that Luke knows what he’s doing when eating only a few ounces before refusing to eat any more.

During the UGI, part of the test was looking for reflux. We already know he has reflux, that isn’t being controlled by his medicine. What was concerning to the technician was the fact that they saw a huge flair in Luke’s reflux while he was crying. Typically reflux doesn’t show when babies are crying…..and when it does it apparently it’s an indicator of something much more severe going on. What that means I have no clue. I don’t know if his reflux is more severe than they anticipated or if something worse than reflux is going on. This is a question we are waiting for the report on.

They were unable to tell us whether or not everything else looked normal or not. The technician said he shouldn’t have said anything about the stomach capacity or the reflux, but since I asked him direct questions about those two things he wanted to answer as honestly as he could but still referred to the radiologist having the final say.

I did get a call from the GI doctors medical assistant who said that it could take a few days to get the report. If I haven’t heard anything by Friday I am to call again. She’s also emailing me a copy of his blood test results for Luke’s 6 month check up on Friday.

How am I feeling about all of this? I am worried about my baby, as any mother should and would be. I feel horrible for him having to go through all of this and can’t help but to wonder if it isn’t somehow because of something I did or didn’t do while pregnant. I can’t help but wonder if having to have his stomach pumped at 10 hours old has somehow caused some issues or was a warning sign of things to come. I want him to be okay. I want him to enjoy eating and playing on his belly. I want him to be a “normal” little boy. Mainly I just want him to be okay.


12 thoughts on “Upper GI Done – Did We Find Anything Out?

  1. I imagine it would be difficult not to blame yourself for the issues your baby is experiencing, but please try not to. You dont deserve to feel like its something u did when pregnant, u fought hard for your pregnancy and did the best u could when u got it. Ill be praying the reflux and other issue arent anything serious 💙

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  2. Wow. I mean, at least they found something. It will be interesting to hear what they think is causing everything. Maybe there is an issue with the sphincter leading into his stomach? I’m baffled as to what could cause the small volume thing though…I hope they get back to you quickly, and have some ideas as to how to resolve some of this. Good luck!

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  3. Well I am glad that is over for you both. I have a half brother who was born with a “small stomach”. It meant he had to eat regularly as a baby and even now that he is almost 8 I think he tends to pick at things but other than that it hasn’t caused him any issues. He isn’t sickly because of it or anything like that. So just thought I’d pass that on as a ray of hope for you.

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