GI Appointment: Good News, Bad News or Somewhere In Between?

We had Luke’s follow up GI appointment today. First off, can I just mention the fact that first thing in the morning appointments with an infant are a horrible idea? He was still asleep when it was time to go and spent all morning semi cranky because I had to wake him up. Anyways…..minor inconvenience.

Luke did so well with weight gain this past month. He went from 14 pounds 10 ounces to 16 pounds 3 ounces in 36 days….and jumped up to the 21st percentile. I contribute his weight gain to 2 things: calorie loading the bottles (adding a bit extra formula by packing the scoop) and a bottle IV when he’s sleeping (he likes to snack while he sleeps. It keeps him asleep longer and helps him eat more). They were really happy overall with his growth.

We discussed medications and basically we are going to leave him on the Prevacid twice a day as before but double the Zantac to 2 mL once a day instead of 1 mL once a day. If that doesn’t help with the reflux we are to stop the Zantac and see if that helps. There are other medicines we can try, but the doc said babies tend to outgrow reflux between 6 and 10 months as they become more mobile. Hopefully we are nearing the end of this road.

We are going to go ahead with the Upper GI series. It has been scheduled for Monday. Basically they are wanting to evaluate his digestive system anatomy and get a closer look at his reflux. At this point he says that they don’t want to do an endoscopy unless they think they will need to go in and surgically fix something, which he is hesitant to do.

We also got the go ahead to start solid food trials again. I am to keep a pretty detailed food diary of what we give him, when we give it and any reactions that he may have. If he does have a reaction, we are to stop that food immediately, wait a few days and try something else. We can go back to failed foods 8 weeks after first introduction to see if he grew out of the reaction. The thing is, even with his reactions, developmentally he needs the opportunity to try to eat so that he isn’t stunted in progress. We were given a few samples of Neocate Nutra, which is basically an elemental cereal. We add water to it until it’s the consistency of rice cereal…..without the worry of an allergic reaction. Unfortunately it’s like $40 a can…….

The only other thing he went over was Luke’s blood test results. He is anemic at this point, which is indicative of continued bleeding. We are to give him an iron supplement via oral solution, which has been ordered by the pharmacy and will be here tomorrow. It’s a higher level than what we can get over the counter, which is why it had to be ordered in.

So overall the appointment went exactly as we thought. I didn’t think he would add the Nutra in, and I am glad he said to go ahead with food trials. I have a sweet potato in the Baby Brezza now (actually it just got done pureeing and I’m waiting for it to cool), and can’t wait to give it to him later.


3 thoughts on “GI Appointment: Good News, Bad News or Somewhere In Between?

  1. That would be awesome if he outgrows the reflux in the next few months! I’m kinda torn…in a way I hope they find something Monday so that they can fix it, on the other hand I don’t want there to be anything wrong that needs to be fixed. I’m sure you kinda feel the same way. Either way, I hope that these issues truly are going to start to get resolved very soon!

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