Winning ….. or Failing?

Overall we are doing really well in the Eventual Momma household. We have our ups and our downs, but things seem to work out one way or the other. The past couple of days have made me feel like I went from winning the mommy thing, to failing pretty quickly.

Winning – Luke’s surgery was all in all successful. He was in pain for a few days, but by Sunday was crawling around on the floor like he had been pre-surgery. The stress from that is gone and I’ve been feeling so much better mentally.

Failing – We took Luke’s bandages off last night and it was horrible for all of us. I held Luke down while Ronny pulled the bandages off. Luke screamed, cried and was otherwise inconsolable for almost 3 hours. I only got him to stop crying by letting him chew on a piece of paper.

Winning – The Amicar has definitely helped with bleeding issues for little man. He has bled very little since the surgery.

Failing – Luke hates taking medicine, and that’s all it seems like he does now a days. He has his Prevacid, Amicar and Tylenol when he wakes up, 4 hours later he has Motrin, 4 hours after that he has the Amicar and Tylenol again, 4 hours after that he has Prevacid and Motrin….then he goes to bed. Luke has come to the point where he knows if he’s about to get medicine and  will clamp his little jaw shut, smack the syringe away and otherwise throw a fit trying not to take the meds.

The biggest WIN this week by far has been getting a hold of someone through the Abbott Nutrition Financial Assistance Program who informed us that we had been approved for the program. We will receive a total of 12 cases (6 – 14.1 ounce cans per case) of formula, broken up into 2 shipments. Our first shipment should be here in 10 days. I did the math and Luke goes through 1 can every 3 days, so we were given enough formula to last 9 months!

The biggest Fail this week has been watching my baby be in pain. It hurts the heart. I actually got such bad heart burn from it last night I had to eat a couple of antacids. His boy bits are in a fair amount of pain. I have had to try and figure out how to pull down the skin as instructed by the doctor to put Vaseline on it, but I can’t figure it out and he screams so loud. My heart breaks knowing that my son sees me as a huge bully, only going to bring him pain.

Hopefully the rest of this week goes by smoothly. AF should be here tomorrow or Thursday, Luke has a GI appointment tomorrow and his 6 month check up next week.


4 thoughts on “Winning ….. or Failing?

  1. I know the rough patches really suck, but at least you know that they won’t last too long, and they will make his life easier for the future. Still so happy that someone finally helped you out with the formula issue! That’s so awesome!

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  2. I love how each fail has a win. It’s sort of a glass have full perspective. It’s not perfect, but there are some amazing things. While it’s hard on you right now, this is all about his long term health and he seems to be recovering well! So, keep it up momma, you are doing great!


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