The Other Stuff

After reading though my post last night, I realized that the title said “and other stuff,” but I didn’t actually include any of the other stuff that was going on. I’ve been so consumed by all of Luke’s medical stuff that the rest of life has gone somewhat neglected.

Luke’s Health: Next Steps

So now that we have done the chordee repair, we go back for a follow up in 6 weeks. He can take a bath on Monday, which is going to be great because the little bugger keeps spitting medicine out and his face/chest/arms are always sticky. He has the GI follow up appointment on the 10th, where we are going to most likely schedule the upper GI series for either that week or the following week. We may or may not also be scheduling an endoscopy for him depending on what the utlrasound finds, and if the GI determines he needs it done now.

The ultrasound we aren’t too worried about. He’s already had two (one on his tummy at 5 weeks checking his pyloris, the other at 4 months to look at his heart). To be honest I am hoping they find the culprit to Luke’s issues in the ultrasound so we can skip the endoscopy and move on to treatment. If not though…..he will most likely be admitted to the hospital for an overnight stay for the endoscopy.

TTC Update:

I’m on cycle day 27, 11 days past ovulation and 3 or so days (not including today) away from the end of this cycle. My chart is all over the place…. which is to be expected. It’s always been all over the place. Days 3-7 dpo, I just had some minor cramping and light pressure in my lower abdomen. 7 DPO I had what felt like being poked in the uterus with a shish kabob skewer. It was incredibly sharp pain, but did go away after a bit. 8 DPO I had a MAJOR dip in my temps, which went back up on 9 DPO. From 9-11 DPO I have woken up every single morning pretty nauseous. I actually did throw up this morning. At first I attributed it to Luke going in for surgery nerves, the next day I figured it was the Panda Express we had for dinner…..but today leaves me wondering. I did take a test today (and yesterday). Yesterdays test has a line on it today…..but given the fact that its been 24 hours plus, I’m guessing its an evap line or indent. Today’s test may have had a faint second line, but it wasn’t clear enough to say one way or another if it was an actual line or just the line where it would be if it were going to be a line.

Coincidentally, if we were to have conceived this cycle we had timing identical to when we conceived Luke…..and my estimated due date is the anniversary of the day I miscarried my second pregnancy. Anywho……here is my chart if anyone is interested in looking.


Formula Fight:

The last time I updated on the formula situation, we were denied coverage by our insurance company, didn’t qualify for WIC and had just faxed in the application for the Pathways program. I got a call on Friday from someone at Abbott Nutrition, who told me to call them back in reference to account # blah blah blah. I tried to call back (72 times in an hour) that day, but it is incredibly difficult to get ahold of anyone. Every time I call I get a message saying that normal business hours are 8-5 EST, and that if I’m listening to the message all operators are busy. I’m going to call back on Monday at 6am my time…..right when they open to see what is going on. I couldn’t imagine that they would call me with an account number if we were denied formula in the program. At best they would send a letter in the mail saying sorry but you don’t qualify.

The only thing that I can think is that they either need more information or are calling to confirm shipping information because we did qualify. I am praying for the latter scenario. It would seriously be the best news EVER!!

Job Status:

I got an email finally from the school saying that I was reinstated into the guest teacher program, but I needed a letter from my doctor clearing me for work. Obviously I haven’t had a chance to get that done and I don’t know when it is going to happen. I guess it all depends on what happens this cycle and what the doctors say about Luke.


I have been working on YouTube videos and have just started posting daily videos. I try to pick up the camera a couple of times a day. If you haven’t already subscribed, check out my channel here. Here is yesterdays Vlog.

Plus: How cute does my little man look in his surgery gown!



3 thoughts on “The Other Stuff

  1. So after IVF, I assessed two pregnancy tests as negative within the 5 minute window and threw them out. I went back to check a little bit later the second day and there was a second line. I thought it was an evap line too, but took another test that evening and could definitely see the second line. A + is not impossible!

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    • It’s definitely not out of the realm of impossible…..and I am truly hoping that I am going to get a BFP in a few days. I tested negative at 9&10 dpo but was blazingly positive at 13 dpo. Hopefully that’s what happens this time but if it doesn’t it’s okay. I mean this is only my second postpartum cycle. Guess we’ll know in a few days


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