Luke’s Surgery and Other Things

Now that little man is asleep, I can go over in a bit more detail about his surgery yesterday. I’m going to skip the boring parts about giving him medicine and feeding him through the night…..and skip straight to the drive to the hospital.

We left the house at 7:15 am, giving us what we thought was plenty of time to get to the hospital about 20 minutes away. Well, traffic was horrible and we wound up pulling into the parking garage at 8 am, when we were supposed to be already registered. We found a spot pretty quickly and made our way into the hospital. Unfortunately we went to the wrong surgery admissions desk and had to be escorted through the entire hospital to the pediatric side. We registered quickly and were brought back to our room pretty fast.

Luke was weighed and measured. They did use his weight with a diaper on, which worked out to 15 pounds 13 ounces. He hasn’t pooped and had a diaper on, so his real weight is slightly less than this. They gave him the cutest pair of baby hospital socks, that kept him pretty busy while they took his measurements.


After his measurements were taken and baseline vitals recorded, they asked me to slip Luke into a hospital gown. I typically like hospital gowns in general. They are so comfy! Baby hospital gowns are so freaking cute! And  my baby in a hospital gown was To. Die. For.

He was in good spirits all morning, despite the fact that he hadn’t eaten for hours. His last “meal” was at 5:30 that morning. Luke and daddy had some quality snuggles as they wandered around the room, played on the bed, and discussed the finer points in life.


He got a bit fussy at about 9:30, but fell asleep very quickly. I was hoping he would stay asleep while we spoke to the surgeon and anesthetist, and hopeful that he would stay asleep through them putting him to sleep. That didn’t happen of course, but he was asleep up until we went to take him to surgery.


When it came time for Luke to go back to the operating room, I was a mess. I got to carry him to the junction point, get last minute snuggles and smooches in (Ronny got smooches too) and then he was carried into the O.R. by a very kind (and very old) nurse. I cried so incredibly hard. I begged Ronny to go get him back so we could go home. He wouldn’t of course, and just held me in the hallway until I was done. We went down to the cafeteria and got some breakfast and then walked back to the waiting room.

A mere 35 minutes after saying see ya soon to Luke, we were called up to the desk. He was out of surgery and the surgeon wanted to talk to us. My stomach was in the bottom of my stomach, thinking something had gone horribly wrong. An hour long surgery was about 30 minutes……not what you want to hear. I was convinced that he had either died, or they couldn’t proceed for some reason.

As we sat in the conference room, waiting for the doctor to come in, I was so incredibly scared. The doctor came in super happy and said that the surgery went really well. Luke didn’t bleed….. like at all. He said normally there is a tiny bit of bleeding and “oozing” but the meds we put Luke on pre-surgery stopped all of that from even happening (which is why he got done so fast). We walked back to the post surgery room and little man was WAILING. As soon as he saw Ronny and me, he was much calmer. One poor nurse had to leave the room because every time he saw or heard he he would start screaming.

We gave him a bottle of formula since he hadn’t eaten since that morning. Afterwards we got a lecture about them wanting to feed him some apple juice first just to make sure his tummy was okay. Oh well. He ate and fell asleep. I held him for the next hour and a half while he slept the anesthesia off.


The nurse gave us the discharge papers and Luke’s prescription and told us to get him dressed, we were free to go. Luke was so happy to get out of there. He was nothing but smiles!


We made our way to Walmart to fill Luke’s pain medication. He was awake the entire time we were in the car and by the time we got to Walmart he was the happiest baby around. You wouldn’t have even known by looking at him that he had just had surgery.


Unfortunately, the pain meds had to wear off sometime…..which they did shortly after we got home. Ronny and I spent about 5 hours trying to keep Luke from crying. He would alternate between screaming like his leg got cut off and crying this weird strangled cry. We discovered later that evening that Luke would start screaming when he would pee. Because he was completely inconsolable, I called the surgeon who said to triple the narcotic pain medication, give it to him every 4 instead of 8 hours and skip the acetaminophen for a few doses.  He said that we could alternate the narcotic pain medication with children’s ibuprofen if he could have it.

The hematologist called right after to see how Luke’s surgery went and so I asked about the ibuprofen. Because we don’t know if Luke and I share a platelet disorder, he can’t have ibuprofen until we know. She did say under the circumstances (and the fact that he is already on clotting medication) he can have a few doses of Motrin. The Motrin helped immensely. About 20 minutes after taking it, he was crawling all around the bed and laughing.

It took awhile to get him down for bed, but when we did he slept for like 5 hours. I held him in my arms all night long. When he woke I would give him a dose of whatever was next and a bottle and he would go right back to sleep. This morning he woke up so incredibly happy. I’ve made sure to keep up with his generic Tylenol and clotting meds today, but he hasn’t needed the narcotic pain meds or Motrin. I think little man is on the mend.



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