We Bought A Cow

Wait, what? Yep, you read that right……we bought a cow. Well, my mom and I did anyways, despite our respective husbands protests. Hopefully we won’t be biting our tongues in a few months when we get the beef in.

A friend of the family owns and operates a natural Angus beef ranch. The cattle are grass fed non-GMO grass, and finished with corn. No growth hormones or antibiotics are ever added to the cows. They are processed for 21 days for maximum flavor and tenderness. Beef is sold by the whole, half or quarter cow.

We were talking to this friend of the family about Luke’s issues with food. He is a very sensitive little boy and we aren’t quite sure what he’s allergic to. Some children react to the feed that animals were given while alive. Rather than take that chance, we have decided for Luke’s sake to order a whole cow from our friend. He has ensured us that the cow that we bought will only be fed grass, and they are going to skip the corn finish just in case Luke reacts to corn. We will get somewhere between 500 and 700 pounds of beef including steaks, ribs, roasts, and ground beef – which is a lot for one family, but when divided by 3 or more families is quite manageable.

The best part (okay, not the best part, but a pretty good thing) is the cost savings. Right now we buy our beef products from Whole Foods. I get incredibly sick from the meat from the regular grocery store. When doing a cost comparison of the cuts of meat buying the whole cow versus buying individual cuts of meat from the store, we will be saving roughly $3000 (which coincidentally is the cost of a whole cow minus the corn finish). So not only will we be getting HIGH quality beef that we know Luke can have, we will effectively save about $150 a month in our grocery bill.

We will still have to get chicken and pork products from the store, but our beef is covered for the next year! And if we go broke trying to pay for Luke’s medical bills, we still have food lol.


6 thoughts on “We Bought A Cow

  1. Wow that sounds like some good meat! Dh hunts so we have a lot of venison right now which is pretty close to organic aside from the fact the deer may have eaten some corn from fields in it’s life. I’d be highly interested in buying a side of beef someday though.


  2. I REALLY want to do something like this!! I have no idea where we could do it around here (I know we can, just not sure where to look) or how much it is, or who we could split it with, but it seems like such a great idea!

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