TTC Baby 2, 4 DPO

**Note: I wrote this post on 1/31/16. At publishing I am now 5 dpo**

Fertility friend gave me cross hairs yesterday, confirming what I believed was ovulation on Wednesday night. Ovufriend says that I ovulated on Thursday. I guess we’ll see in about 10 days who was right. At this point all I know is I had horrible cramps all day Wednesday and at about 7pm Wednesday night I had a sharp pain in my hip and then the cramping was gone.

Up through today (including today) I couldn’t say that I have had any signs or symptoms of pregnancy. Yesterday, 3 dpo, I did have some AF like cramping pretty much all afternoon. It has continued today to the point I feel like I am going to start my period any moment. The only other thing is a huge increase in the amount of discharge I am producing. Of course I know that it’s too early to be feeling any real signs of pregnancy at this point.

At this point I am trying not to symptom spot. I don’t really recall any symptoms when I was pregnant with Luke aside from feeling like I was getting a cold in the three days before I got the positive test. And to be honest, I am so busy during the day trying to keep up with Luke that I don’t really notice many symptoms.

Assuming that we conceived this month, the tiny baby to be is called a blastocyst. The blastocyst is just entering the uterus and looking for a place to implant. Implantation could take place any time from about 7-9 dpo.

So, am I going to test? If so, when? At this point unless something really sticks out as a major pregnancy symptom (like uncontrollable gas and breast tenderness with pregnancy 2), I probably won’t be testing until February 10th. I’ll test in the morning before Luke’s doctor appointment. I might wait though until the 12th and see if my period is late.


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