Luke Licked A Shoe

Oh dear, help me! My kid is allergic to EVERYTHING it seems like. Yesterday we had a really really good morning. Luke and I went to a thrift store for childrens clothes/toys because they were having a great sale. We got an entire bag of 6-9 month clothes and a couple of chew toys for $24. We stopped off at Whole Foods for chicken and headed home.

Luke refused to nap all morning, but finally went down for a 45 minute nap at 12:45 and about a 2 hour nap at 2:00 pm. I got so much cleaning done. I did a load of dishes, 3 loads of laundry, cleaned the dining room, living room, Luke’s room, bathroom, and vacuumed before Ronny came home from work.

Before going down again for the longer nap, Luke was army crawling around the living room. He crawled over to where the shoes are and was kind of chewing on one of Ronny’s work shoes. I took it away from him obviously, but the damage had apparently been done. When Luke woke up from the longer nap, he had hives all over his face, torso and arms. I don’t quite know what to do in that instance because he is allergic to something in the Benadryl. I wound up giving him a warm bath and calling the nurse line.

Thinking about it later, my husband works in the sea food department at Whole Foods. He has who knows what on his shoes at any given time. I can’t touch them because I have a severe (like anaphylactic) allergy to shell fish. We’re pretty sure Luke is also allergic to something related to fish, but we aren’t sure what because of the numerous things found on Ronny’s shoes.

It made for an interesting day, that’s for sure!


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