Next Stop: TWW

Big breath in, big breath out. A year and a half ago, I was seriously questioning whether or not we would ever have a child. To sit here now blogging about trying to conceive a second is surreal. I go back and forth on how much of the journey to #2 I want to share, because of how many amazing women I have met along the way are still working on #1. I don’t ever want to make someone feel badly about themselves or their journey, and it pains me deeply to know that my journey could hurt someone else.

That being said, we are wading the waters into baby 2. I can’t (and don’t want to) wait another year to even start trying, knowing full well that it could take us a very long time to get pregnant again. If it’s going to take awhile I want to get started right away. I’ve been taking ovulation tests since cycle day 7. The lines on the Wondfo’s were getting gradually lighter, but were far from positive on the afternoon of cycle day 15. The dollar tree tests had been positive since cycle day 13 though.

Knowing that I typically ovulated around cycle day 16 or 17 depending on the month, I decided to test the morning of cycle day 16. You can watch the live video by clicking this link. Long story short: the morning ovulation tests were positive, so were the ones later that day and last night.

When I woke up this morning, my temperature had jumped to 97.56 up from 97.34ish. Naturally I took another opk to see if it was still positive. Before having Luke, I would get numerous days of positive OPK’s before the test finally turning negative (with the Clear Blue tests), the Wondfos would only be positive 12 or so hours before ovulation. Well…..the test this morning was negative.

I know that it isn’t a guarantee that I ovulated, but I’m pretty sure I did last night. For the past few days I have felt very full in the ovarian area, and have had a general feeling of achy-ness in my lower abdomen. Last night I had some really sharp pains and this morning all fullness and cramping has subsided.

Ronny and I were able to baby dance yesterday morning while Luke was napping (so about 10-12 hours before I felt the sharp pains), Monday afternoon and Saturday afternoon. I feel like there were probably some little swimmers still hanging around from Monday, and a fresh batch made it just before ovulation occurred.

So, I am officially one day into the dreaded two week wait. I highly doubt I’ll have much time to really wonder what is going on in there with all of Luke’s upcoming appointments. I’ll probably test on either the 10th or 11th, putting me 12-13 dpo. Actually, if I test on the 10th, I can test before we go to Luke’s appointment and see what happens. Although at this point, I have so much going on I am having a hard time remembering stuff, so I may not test until after AF would be due if it doesn’t show before then.

Sending tons of baby dust out there and great thoughts for everyone.


4 thoughts on “Next Stop: TWW

  1. Its has taken me a few days but I have read all of your posts from starting the blog and I loved reading it all. Makes me definitely feel less crazy when it comes to all my thoughts about TTC knowing that someone else has all the same thoughts.
    Your boy is gorgeous. Have you thought about trying him on goats milk formula? just a suggestion, not sure if it will work or if it is available in the US but my friend swears by it for her little one who was allergic to everything.
    Random thing I noticed from reading your blog, I have a husband and brother with the same birthday, same as you, alwasy though this was kind of weird.
    Wishing you lots of hope in your new TTC journey.

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    • Thank you so much! In regards to your question about goats milk, for a lot of kids with MSPI, the protein in goats milk is too similar to the protein found in cows milk. Since he’s doing so well on the Elecare I think we’ll just stick to that. Hopefully he’ll outgrown these allergies and go on to eat all kinds of stuff.


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