Well, That Was Interesting

Today has been one crazy, crazy day. Lots of things have happened in the past 24 hours or so…….and I am handling all of it pretty well if I do say so myself. Not that anything really bad happened. Actually, the day was filled with good surprises.

I got a phone call from the urologist doing Luke’s surgery. I found out a few days ago that Luke is having a GI reaction to something in the infant Tylenol. Needless to say, we can’t give him that anymore without having rough nights, upset tummies and mucus poops. The reason for the call was to find out what medications Luke would be given and double check allergens. Basically, they are prescribing the infant equivalent of percocet for the first couple days post op with Tylenol and Motrin after that. Luke can’t have the Motrin due to the possibility of a platelet disorder so the doctor said he’s going to skip that. He also told me to try the store brand versions of Tylenol because a lot of times babies with MSPI do well with store brand versions.  I did some research and discovered that Little Remedies pain reliever and fever reducer is dairy, soy, corn and dye free. Hopefully that works for him.

I also got an email from the GI doctors nurse. They want to go ahead with the upper GI, so I need to call to schedule that. Thankfully the upper GI isn’t as involved as I thought it was going to be. They basically do an ultrasound of his digestive system, give him a bottle with barium contrast and then repeat the ultrasound. They don’t need to put him under anesthesia for this portion of the testing. If the upper GI comes back negative for abnormalities then we go to the next phase, which is an endoscopy with some tube something or another. This part would need to be done under general anesthesia as expected.

Luke’s reflux is acting up something fierce. He’s puking all over the place all the time, which sucks. I stopped giving him his reflux meds for 2 days to see if it would make a difference and it got so much worse. Needless to say he’s back on his meds. I’m wondering if the dosing is wrong now because he gained quite a bit of weight in this past month. He went from 14 pounds 10 ounces on January 5th to 15 pounds 8.5 ounces as of today. That’s a gain of 14 ounces in 22 days! Great job little man!

Little man is doing something new too. As of this evening, he can sit unassisted for over 10 minutes. At about the 10 minute mark he decided he wanted a certain toy and lunged forward for it. He can’t pull himself into a seated position yet, and is working on tucking his legs under him in an effort to start crawling…..but he’s well on his way.

As of yesterday the Wondfo OPK’s were still very negative. The Dollar Tree tests were positive, if not very very close though. This morning I took a test at 10 am which was positive, took another test at about 1:30 pm and a third tonight at around 6 pm. All three were very very positive. Pair that with the cramping that I am having and I would say that it’s a pretty safe bet that I will ovulate some time tonight or early tomorrow morning. Perfect timing because Ronny was definitely in the mood today! Fingers crossed I’ll have some very exciting news to share in about 2 weeks. But if not that’s okay too, because at least I know my body is trying to do what it should be.

Oh! I don’t really believe in coincidences at all. Ronny and I got a fish tank when we first started dating. We’ve had the same fish for about 4 years now: two male and two female ciclids. In the year and a half before Ronny and I got married and the 19 months it took to conceive Luke, the fish never had babies. Three days before we conceived Luke, we noticed the fish had had babies. They didn’t have babies again until the day before I went to the hospital to deliver Luke. Well…….the fish have had babies again. Three days ago we saw them swimming around in a little tiny cave. Today they are out exploring the area right around their cave. I am hoping this is a sign!

I think that’s about it…..but it’s a lot of good for one day!


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