TTC #2, cycle update

Boy, oh boy am I confused! Trying to conceive the first time around was pretty confusing, but we worked our way through it and figured it all out. Trying to conceive after child birth is a whole new level of confusion. My strategies for this cycle were pretty much on point for what we did pre-pregnancy: temp, test using opks and monitor cervical mucus. 

Temping isn’t as easy as it used to be. With Lukes erratic sleep schedule it’s hard to get in a few solid hours and take my temp at the same time each day. I do still take my temperature though. It’s low, but all over the place.

Opks are giving me conflicting results. I started out cycle day 6 using wondfo’s. They are gradually getti darker, but no where near positive yet. Just as a confirmation I got some ovulation tests from dollar tree. Those have been positive since Sunday. I’m not sure if the dollar tree tests are more/less sensitive than the wondfo. Maybe it’s picking up the preovulation hormonal shift. 

The most confusing part is the mucus. I woke up Saturday with egg white consistency mucus. That hasn’t gone away, but has only increased. I’m not sure why the ewcm is present given the negative opks. I know you can get it in the days leading up to ovulation but I haven’t ever had it this long. 

Other symptoms include a full feeling on the right near my ovary, mild uterine cramping, mood swings and a stupid cold sore. 

Operation leave Ronny in the dark is definitely working. He has no idea if I have or haven’t ovulated and I think he’s enjoying it. It will make for a pretty big surprise whenever it is that we are successful. 


3 thoughts on “TTC #2, cycle update

  1. I got EWCM for a lot longer each month and in a much higher volume after the birth of my little dude. I have no idea how it is related but I figured it was a childbirth thing. You are really quite recent postpartum still and it takes the body some time to settle after birth. I wouldn’t be too concerned as yet.

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