My Horrible Terrible Not Very Good Day

Do you ever have days that you have been looking forward to for weeks, only to have the entire day crumble into a horrible mess? That was my day yesterday. I had been looking forward to the day for about 2.5 weeks. The day wasn’t a total bust……there were a few times where I was happy. The day just went down hill every chance it got.

It all started at 5:30 a.m. when I woke up pissed at my husband because of a dream I had in which he basically cheated on me. I’ll spare the details, but I was mad. I tried, and tried, and tried to fall asleep but my husband kept me awake…. snoring so loudly that it was impossible to get back to sleep. Luke woke up at 6:30, ready to start the day. Normally when Luke wakes up he’s a happy camper, ready to play. Yesterday though, he played for a bit and then was a huge crank. At about 9:30 or so he did take a 20 minute nap.

We woke Ronny up at 10:30 to see if he still wanted to go do something with my mom and my brother. We were going to either go to the zoo, museum or aquarium. He said he did so we all took a shower. Ronny and I traded off holding Luke while the other one soaped up or rinsed off, getting him washed in the process as well. Of course this put us behind schedule and we were running behind. I got into arguments with my husband and my mom about whether we should even go, because Ronny and I had a couples massage scheduled for 2 pm. The arguments put a damper on the whole aquarium visit.

We did have fun at the aquarium. Luke loved the sharks, but didn’t really care for the smaller fish too much. It’s funny because he loves watching the fish in our fish tank. We waited for a flash flood (it’s an exhibit) and Luke got a bit frightened and grabbed on to me so tight. It was such good snuggles….even if he was a bit afraid. My mom, brother, Luke and I went into the photo booth while Ronny got lunch. I asked him for a soft pretzel and a soda. The photo booth was a blast, and when I see my mom I’ll get my sheet of the photos.

When we got out of the photo booth, there was only a quarter of the pretzel and a few sips of soda left. Ronny had eaten not only his lunch, but most of my lunch as well. No honey, I wasn’t really hungry…….

Next up was the massage. We were about 20 minutes or so early so we waited. We were brought back into the room and I asked for her to focus on my lower back (and showed her where) and my hips because they have been really sore from the way I have been sleeping with Luke. She basically didn’t do the parts I wanted at all, and spent the majority of time on my shoulders and feet. My legs and back are now covered in bruises and so incredibly sore. Not only that but to me a massage involves some sort of rubbing. The lady basically just kept poking her fingers into my body and holding them there for a second. It hurt, was not relaxing and made me more sore than when I went in.

I asked Ronny if we could go next door to Einsteins Bagels, because I was still hungry. We got into an argument because he told me I should have eaten when we were at the aquarium. I would have loved too…..but you ate my food. His defense was he was waiting for me to grab the plate from him. Okay….I’ll carry the baby, his stuff and my food ….and eat all at the same time. Right! We did get bagels, kind of. I just wanted a plain bagel but they were out. They had literally none of the bagels that I like so I had to get a bagel I don’t like and scrape the toppings off. 😦

We picked Luke up from my moms, which went just fine. Luke napped while we were gone, played with the dogs, ate, pooped and was cuddling with one of the dogs when we got there. Thanks mom!

We got home and Luke was a little fuss bucket. He rolled around from toy to toy on the floor whining, didn’t want to be held, didn’t want to be on his tummy or back, didn’t want in the jumperoo, didn’t want in his swing, and didn’t want to sit. Poor kid was just plain miserable. I did finally get him down for another nap at about 6:30 while I made burned dinner.

Luke woke up and we played on the floor until about 9:30 when he got fussy. We did our routine and it went well. I laid him down on his boppy, gave him his bottle and he basically fell asleep on his own in about 8 minutes. Ronny came in to the bedroom while I was watching The Curse of Oak Island that I had recorded on Tuesday and told me to rewind it and he would watch it with me. I fell asleep at the very end, and awoke about 30 minutes later to Luke’s whines. He was hungry and I was alone in the room. He woke up a few more times during the night, and I was alone with him each time. Ronny didn’t come to bed until 5:30 this morning.

This of course made me mad. I asked him yesterday if he would watch Luke so I could get some sleep. Here we are the next day and he didn’t go to bed until 5:30, leaving me still tired and having to take care of Luke. His excuse? “It’s my day off.” Where in the hell is my day off? I’m on the job 24/7/365. Well not quite 365 since Luke isn’t quite 6 months old yet, but you get the idea. It’s rare that I get even an hour where I don’t have to take care of Luke. Yet he gets nights and “days off”?

I think today is going to be a repeat of yesterday……



15 thoughts on “My Horrible Terrible Not Very Good Day

  1. Ah yes the parenting dynamic can be so tricky. I know friends of mine basically do a trade off with partners on the weekend. So one sleeps in one day and the other the following day. Or one does night shift and gets the sleep in etc. It is a trade off for sure. Good luck!!!

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    • I wish we did a trade off. I don’t mind the night stuff too much, other than when my dear husband is already awake and could do it so I can get some sleep. It’s when he has a “day off” he means he isn’t doing anything remotely helpful to me without me nagging profusely until he does it just to shut me up. I don’t want a full day of no baby responsibility, but a couple hours every once in awhile would be nice


  2. Their whole “day off” mentality pisses me off. My husband has been off work ALL week and it’s been pulling teeth to get him to do anything. He’s fricken glued to the TV and it drives me nuts.

    I texted him a list today of what I wanted done and he did it. I find I have to be very direct and specific when I want something otherwise he just doesn’t figure it out.

    I hear ya on the sleep thing…if he’s already up then no reason he can’t watch Luke for a while let you sleep.

    Hang in there momma!

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    • See I’m really specific and write down exactly what I want him to do…..he just doesn’t do it. He just asked me if I ever put anything away because I left some lunch meat on the counter from dinner…..perhaps I could if I wasn’t taking care of a cranky baby, trying to clean the apartment and trying to get about a billion other things done!


      • I know exactly what that’s like. Sometimes I swear they have to make themselves the victim in all situations. You point out a few things you’d like them to do and they instantly point out one thing you didn’t do.

        I call my husband out on that often. I wish I knew the answers. The written list causes me the least frustration and it will get done (or mostly get done). I know this was still a struggle when I was on maternity leave since he assumed I had time when home all day. It’s definitely better now that I’m back to work but we still have our days lol.

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  3. It’s just not right. I’m sorry, but it took 2 people to make that baby and you both agreed you wanted him and would take care of him. There is no such thing as taking time off when you’re a parent. It never stops. No end to love, and no end to worry, for as long as you’re breathing. He needs a kick in the ass. But I’m one of the lucky ones – my husband works all day so I could stay home with the baby, and then still gets up, no prompting needed, every single time the baby wakes up and takes care of him on his own so I could sleep. Every woman deserves that kind of a partner.

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  4. Ugh, that sounds awful. 😦 I think I’ve only had maybe one dream where J has cheated on me and it was in the beginning of our relationship. Clearly past relationship insecurities were still hanging on for me. I’m not good about remembering my dreams though so I may have had more, lol. I hope Ronny starts helping out more. J can tell when I’m about to lose my temper (he calls it my temperature gauge) and is really good about taking over when the steam starts coming, lol.

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  5. Hi there–sorry I haven’t commented much lately! I wanted to pop in though and see if it’s the Massage Envy at Tiffany that you are referring to–if so, I have someone fantastic to recommend. I’ve been getting monthly massages there for 8 years (I have chronic neck pain and headaches so this helps a bit). Just guessing because of the Einsteins next door 😊 anyway, hope you can get some help from your husband! There’s no way any parent (sahm or working) can do all the parenting 24/7. I’d be lost without my husband splitting all of our parenting and household duties down the middle! Hope you’ve been enjoying all the sunshine we’ve gotten this weekend. And Go Broncos!

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