So Sleepy

I envy anyone whose baby sleeps more than 30 minutes at a time. Mine does not, and I’m turning into a huge bitch because of it. The past few nights Luke has been up every 20-30 minutes. All. Night. Long. Last night he would wake up screaming every 5 minutes. By the time I would get him back to sleep and lay my head down on the pillow, just in time for him to wake back up.

I have no idea where this is coming from. He’s happy all day long, but at night turns into this little screaming monster. I did get a 20 minute stretch in by sitting cross legged (Indian style if you remember that term) and laying him in between my knees. It sucked. To make matters worse, I put a cord of wood in the fireplace while I was cleaning, knowing full well I am allergic to the wood. I had taken some Benadryl to get rid of the hives covering my body, that never got the chance to be slept off. Today has definitely shown as far as the sleep deprivation goes.

I snapped at just about everyone, for just about everything. I stormed off in the middle of the Bronco game not once, but twice because I was so incredibly angry. Luke has taken 3 naps today for a whopping total of an hour and 15 minutes.

I have no idea what to do to get this kid to sleep longer stretches of time. I was reading about it online, and I really don’t feel like he’s ready to be in his own space with his reflux still out of control. He’s still eating every hour or two throughout the entire day so I know that on a normal night he’s waking because he’s hungry and not just to be awake. Maybe when we figure out what is going on with his tummy and he is able to eat more in the day we can transition him to the crib and do some sort of sleep training.

All I know is that this momma really needs to catch some z’s


7 thoughts on “So Sleepy

  1. Since you’re bottle feeding, can’t Ronny take over during the nights when he doesn’t have work the next day? Then you could at least get some rest so that you can function. If I was in this situation, I would absolutely demand that B take care of the baby the nights before his days off! You have to get some sort of sleep, or you’re going to get sick!


  2. I’m sorry, that’s so frustrating! Definitely have your husband and anyone else around you help out so you can get some rest. Sleep deprivation is a not something to be taken lightly. Hang in there momma!


  3. I am so sorry! I feel your pain and know how hard this can be. We slept on the couch for several weeks with me holding Oliver. It was the only way he’d sleep more than 30 minutes.


  4. You poor thing. Sleep deprivation is so tough. I think your situation is amplified because L needs to eat so regularly and the reflux is still an issue. With those factors it really is even trickier than usual. What worked for us was implementing a really solid routine and encouraging longer sleeps for the daytime sleeps. Once we had that worked out the night sleeps seemed to fix themselves. But my baby didn’t have reflux and the feeding issues you have had so it is so hard to say if it would work for you. Good luck. You can get through this. It will improve one way or another – I promise. Sooner or later they grow out of everything 🙂


  5. I don’t have any suggestions. Your situation with Luke is so unique. I do hope you will get better/more sleep soon. I know how hard it is to function when sleep isn’t happening. I’m sure it’s hard on Luke too. Hugs!!


  6. Consider trying the RES-Q Infant Wedge. Sounds like you are a mama that needs to be RES-Q’d. I am a pediatric occupational therapist specializing in treating infants with reflux and feeding problems. Treating reflux is important for your baby and for your sanity. Often it takes a combination of elevation, thickened feeds, and sometimes medication. Please contact me if you want more direction at or go to


    Robynne Elkin, MOT, OTR

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