Cycle 2 What Are Our Plans?

With the start of my second postpartum cycle came our first cycle actively trying for baby #2. The decision to start trying again was not an easy one to make. With everything going on with Luke, we had to decide if right now is the best time to be trying to give him a sibling. The conclusion we came to is that there really isn’t a right time, and that it will happen when it is supposed to. That thought process didn’t stop us from formulating a plan though.

Ovulation tests have already been ordered and I will have them in hand on Sunday. I will take one test every day (maybe two a day as I get closer to ovulation) until ovulation has been confirmed. This really isn’t any different than when we were trying for Luke. If anything, it will be good to make sure that I am ovulating after having Luke and help to pinpoint any changes in my cycle.

I will attempt to temp. This is going to be a bit trickier due to the fact that the longest Luke goes at night is 3 hours. At the very least it will give me an idea of what is going on, and hopefully confirm ovulation once the OPK’s have determined I have ovulated.

As far as sex goes, we are going to continue sex for fun and not put an emphasis on making a baby. We will attempt to have fun on the peak days, but I’m not going to force it at this point. The biggest thing is finding the time to have fun. Right now we have to work around Luke’s sleeping schedule, and it isn’t easy. It’ll work out though.

If we haven’t conceived by Easter I will make an appointment to go back to have the blood testing done to make sure that my hormone levels are still within the normal range. If we haven’t conceived by Luke’s birthday we will go back to the fertility clinic and seek out further treatment.

Let’s hope it doesn’t come down to that.


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