Revised Plans For the Upcoming Weeks

I’m a planner. I always want to know what is happening now, what is going to be happening in the future and any backup plans just in case things don’t go as originally planned. What I had been planning for quite awhile now has been modified to adjust for all of the “fun” things we have coming up.

A few months ago, I wrote a post on starting solids when Luke was 4 months old due to slow weight gain issues. That plan has changed. The GI told us we could start rice or oatmeal at 5 months, but Luke reacted to the rice (or something in it) and we were advised to go back to exclusive Elecare. Ronny and I had discussed letting Luke’s gut get back to normal and then attempting the oatmeal. That plan has also changed. The new plan is to continue strict enforcement of exclusively feeding Elecare until our follow up appointment on February 10th. We are going to give his belly time to heal before requesting the upper GI, and introducing anything else.

Luke’s 6 month appointment was scheduled for February 3rd. He was supposed to go in for his 6 month immunizations and the regular 6 month check up. Since he is having surgery on the 5th, we have had to postpone his 6 month visit by two weeks. If Luke were to get his shots, and then have surgery…..they wouldn’t be able to tell if any fevers that he gets would be due to the immunizations or the surgery causing infection. It sucks having to push it back, but it isn’t the end of the world.

Really that’s all the changes for right now. I think I’m handling everything pretty well. I haven’t dissolved into a ball of mush and tears yet. I know they are coming, but if I take things one day at a time everything will be okay.


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