One Last Try

It seems as if my entire life revolves around Luke’s issues with allergies and eating. In my previous post, I told you how frustrated I am that our insurance company has denied coverage for any formula and my husband makes about $40 a week too much to qualify for WIC, and therefore we cannot get any governmental assistance in paying for Luke’s formula. We have one more potential option: the Abbott Nutrition Patient Assistance Program.

Like WIC, they base eligibility on income…..but they decide coverage on a case by case basis. I called in today and spoke to a really nice woman. I told her that Luke is on Elecare and we are having a really hard time with paying for the formula. I let her know that the insurance company has denied coverage and that we don’t qualify for WIC. She asked me how much money my husband made last year, and apparently we are right at the cusp. Basically, with the gross income my husband made in 2015 we are right at the border between qualifying and not qualifying. It could go either way.

What we do have going for us is the fact that coverage is determined on a case by case basis. I was told to write a letter to the review board detailing our need for coverage, and it could sway things in our favor. So now I will probably be up all night drafting a letter that will hopefully tug at the heart strings of the big decision maker, and help us get the coverage we so desperately need.

I don’t ask this often: but if you are religious could you please say a prayer that something finally goes our way and we are eligible for the patient assistance program? If you aren’t religious (or don’t pray) positive thoughts and energy our way would be greatly appreciated.


6 thoughts on “One Last Try

  1. Sending positive thoughts your way! It just makes no sense why NOBODY will help you out when this is something that’s medically necessary! I hope these people will give you the help that you deserve so that your baby can eat and feel better!

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