GI Follow Up

The title says it all…..Luke went back to the pediatric GI today for a follow-up. He has gained 9 ounces in 26 days, which isn’t the best……but he is gaining so they are only slightly concerned with that. We basically talked about how the past almost month has been, and laying out the next steps.

Basically, the past 26 days have been an almost complete turn around in Luke’s eating habits and behavior. I say almost because we had a slight regression with the reintroduction of breast milk. He is no longer pooping blood or mucus, no longer in any pain when eating, doesn’t arch his back and is doing much better in the car. Unfortunately even with the prevacid and zantac, Luke is still suffering pretty badly from reflux. (He literally puked a good 4 feed onto the doctor while we were sitting there, and the medical student nearly vomited seeing the doctor get puked on haha)

The next steps are somewhat a trial by fire. Luke is only on Elecare as far as formula goes now. At first there was some discussion about trying the Nutramigen again, but that isn’t going to happen now. He also had a blood draw because the GI needed to recheck Luke’s hgb and wanted to do a full panel to get the bigger picture. It was so hard to hold my little down while the guy drew Luke’s blood, but he handled it like a champ and was more angry that I woke him from his nap.

We also discussed the fact that Luke is still only able to eat 1-2 ounces at a time or he throws up everywhere. The doctor was somewhat concerned that perhaps Luke doesn’t have an adequate stomach capacity, but since he is gaining weight (very, very slowly) the small frequent feeds are fine for right now. It’s exhausting for me having to constantly feed him, but it’s okay. In 5 weeks we are to go back, and if Luke is still only able to eat 2 ounces at a time they will admit him to the hospital and do an upper GI with barium contrast to check his stomach and double check the capacity and make sure everything is functioning there……unless I feel like they need to do it sooner.

So at this point we are continuing with Elecare, continuing Prevacid morning and night, Zantac mid day, and introducing rice cereal. Normally the GI said they wouldn’t recommend rice cereal as a first food, but in Luke’s case it may help with the reflux and increasing stomach capacity. It may also help in the weight gain department. We go back on the 10th for further evaluation and information.


11 thoughts on “GI Follow Up

  1. I am always impressed by your dedication to getting Luke’s medical needs met. I love your action plan for next step, particularly the part that you will go back sooner if you feel you need to. Because, mommy always knows best! Sending love and hoping for good news with his weight gain.

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  2. Poor little guy! I hate that he’s had it so rough in the eating department. You are doing great making sure he gets the care he needs! I know this has been stressful for you. I just hope he will start gaining well and holding down his food better.

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  3. Poor guy.. I’m glad to hear he’s making headway and starting to feel better with the new feeding regime. Have your Drs talked about trying Pepcid instead of Zantac? Zantac didn’t work for my son and Pepcid did a much better job helping his reflux. I know you are dealing with a lot more than we did, so I’m sure there’s a reason; just didn’t know if they mentioned it or not

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  4. So sorry your little man is still struggling with this. At least you have found something that he can tolerate, even if it’s in small doses. I hope the rice cereal helps get him back to where he needs to be!

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  5. Sheesh…sometimes, I wonder how you remember everything you need to do with both yours and Luke’s healthcare. I don’t think my brain could hold everything yours does and keep up it with it. Kudos to you! I’m surprised they said that wouldn’t normally recommend rice cereal as the first food to introduce because that’s what every baby I’ve cared for has started on first. I hope that it helps and keeps him full a little longer for you!

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