On The Mend….Sort Of

Our household got hit pretty hard with sickness this past week, and boy was it a doozy! Both sides of our family were recovering from illness…..pneumonia and bronchitis on my side of the family, strep and stomach bugs on Ronny’s side of the family.

Little man got hit the hardest. He’s had a slight cough since Thanksgiving, but the doctor didn’t say anything about it at Luke’s 4 month appointment. When I asked about him tugging at his ears, the doctor said it was part of teething and not to worry…..so I didn’t worry. Well, that slight cough has manifested into croup, and the ear tugging has turned into a double ear infection. He’s now on amoxicillin for the ear infection and breathing in steam from the shower and humidifier for the croup.

Ronny and I each got a 24 hour stomach bug. We had to have picked that up from his side of the family because my brother in law and nephew also got sick with the same thing. Yesterday we both felt like death was knocking. I couldn’t stop throwing up and we were taking turns on the toilet with diarrhea. I had it a bit worse than Ronny, with the vomiting, but we were both really bad. Thankfully Ronny took Luke to the doctor for me and was able to take care of him so I could sleep. 20151230_163127659_iOS

Luke has it the worst, and I feel so bad that he is as sick as he is. He hadn’t been acting any different than he was a week and a half ago, aside from being a bit more whiny. I figured it was from not being able to nurse anymore and changing things up when we stayed at my parents house Christmas Eve and stayed at my mother in laws the 26-28th. I feel even worse that Luke kept trying to nurse. He was seeking comfort in my boobs, and I couldn’t even give him that. My poor little piglet!

We’re on the mend for now…..but who knows what the future may bring.


7 thoughts on “On The Mend….Sort Of

  1. Poor Luke! Croup is rough. On the bright side, when my nephew had it after the first dose of dexamethasone he was MUCH better very quickly, and it cleared outpretty quickly from there. Hoping it’s the same for your peanut! Tis the season for sickness. We had to put G on a neb this week too. It’s so tough to watch them feel sick and not be able to tell us what hurts 😦

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    • I hope G feels better soon too! It is really hard to see the tiny’s sick. I feel bad because I didn’t even know he was sick because the doctor told us at his 4 month that he was teething and thats why he’s been pulling at his ears


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