All I Want For Christmas Is:

For my baby to feel better. Poor little dude is coming down with something. He has a fever that keeps coming and going, a cough that just won’t quit and a bad case of the sniffles. It’s my fault that he caught something. My sister and her family came in for Christmas and my nephew had a cold. I didn’t think much of it and when cousin when in for a smooch I said it would be okay. Little did I know, cousin would sneeze right at that moment……right in Luke’s mouth.

As the days go by, his cough is getting worse and the fever comes and goes. We’ve been giving Luke infant Tylenol when the fever gets above 101, and just purchased Zarbees baby cough syrup to help break up the mucus in his chest. He seems to be doing alright with meds in him. The only problem is he hates the taste of the meds. To be honest, I didn’t think it tasted all that good either. The first time I gave him the meds, Luke projectile puked all over Ronny.

We sit in steam filled bathrooms, get slathered in Vicks Baby Rub and try to nap as much as possible. He isn’t eating much right now, leading me to believe that he has a bit of a sore throat too.

At this point I am just kind of going to monitor him and if he isn’t better tomorrow, or seeming to be on the mend, I’ll take him in to the doctors.

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7 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas Is:

  1. Not sure how you’re administering the medicine, but I have had the best luck putting it in a bottle nipple and letting Mackenzie suck it out instead of trying to syringe/drop it in her mouth.

    Hope he’s feeling better soon!


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