Moving Troubles

When in life do things ever go smoothly? Very rarely in my case. Ronny and I are supposed to be moving at the end of the week, but I am seriously questioning if that is going to happen. Problems have arisen which should be mostly taken care of hopefully by Friday.

We went and saw our new place. It was a disaster. The previous tenants were FILTHY! The bathroom had cat litter all over the place, the tiles and grout were disgusting, the carpet looked like it hadn’t been vacuumed the entire time they lived there, windows and blinds were broken, there was an unidentifiable funk and everything was gross. I didn’t know how they were going to get everything cleaned up and replaced in time. Now that there is about 8 inches of snow on the ground it seems pretty impossible that the apartment will be ready to go by Friday at 8:30am.

I’m just about all packed up and ready for the move. I have run out of room though and there isn’t space for more boxes. I desperately need more boxes too. The stacks of boxes are really wearing on my psyche and I’ve started feeling in a rut. As much as we need more space with a growing family, I am going to miss the coziness and memories from our one bed. Call me sentimental, but I am going to miss the room we conceived Luke in, and the shower I stood in for almost 24 hours while I was in labor. I’m going to miss the kitchen I burned a thousand or so dishes in, the living room where my love and I snuggled in front of hundreds of fires and the dining room where we put Luke’s crib.

We have another problem too. Our internet service cannot be connected in our new apartment until Christmas Eve. The only problem with that is, they are disconnecting our service from our current apartment on Friday, so we will be without internet all week. I’m a bit angered by this because they are sending a technician out on Friday to shut service off, but are “unable” to drive literally across the street to turn service on at the same time. It’s literally the flip of a switch.

It’s my fault for not contacting them sooner, but to be honest I was kind of angry with the company in the first place for false advertising.

I’m not quite sure what to do with Luke either. Ronny has to work Friday morning so my mom, brother and I will be doing the moving. Someone has to take care of Luke, leaving the other two people to do all the moving. I will probably have my mom watch Luke while my brother and I move things for as long as possible and hope that Ronny can get off work before the guy shows up to clean the carpets. The plan is to load my car, my husbands car and my parents car with boxes on Thursday night so that Friday morning we can meet at the new place and unload boxes before going back for more.

Oh well, it will all work out.


2 thoughts on “Moving Troubles

  1. Do you remember how much I was freaking out about first getting out of our townhouse and into the hotel and then cleaning the townhouse in time? And then getting out of the hotel on moving day on time so that we didn’t get charged for another day? Everything ended up working out. In the end, everything will work out, it almost always does. You’re moving within your own apartment complex, correct? They can’t make you move into someone else’s filth, that’s just unacceptable on their part. I’m sure they will figure out a way to get everything taken care of in your new place before moving day. Good luck with everything!

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