Changes Are Happening!

For someone who absolutely, without a doubt HATES change, I am pretty excited about all the changes happening in our lives right now. There are changes all over the place! Changes with Luke, changes in our living situation, changes in my blogging efforts…….just changes everywhere.

Luke is doing about a billion times better than he was even a week ago. Yesterday was the first time in his life his poop didn’t contain any mucus or blood. I am so excited that the Elecare seems to be working. Today’s poop did have mucus in it, but no blood so I think we are on the right track! He’s sleeping better, and even spent his first night in the pack n play. It was great! Ronny got Luke to sleep while sitting on the couch playing on his iPad.


It was the cutest thing in the world! I was pumping when Ronny brought Luke into the room so I had him lay Luke in the pack n play on the brand new pnp mattress we got. Luke didn’t even wake up when he was laid down. He slept in the pack n play until 5 am, waking at his normal times to eat and go back to sleep. He didn’t even really seem to notice he wasn’t snuggled up next to momma.


I hadn’t planned on transitioning him last night, but I did.

We are also busy packing for our big move at the end of the week. We are literally moving across the street, but I’m trying to go through and purge what we don’t use/need so that I don’t have to move more stuff than I want in our new place. We are going today to get measurements for the apartment and take a peek inside. I’m kind of sad that we are moving from the place we conceived Luke in, but that’s okay.

The biggest change of all is coming to my blogging. I am in the process of starting up a product review blog. My hopes is to review children’s products and possibly get some paid sponsorships. I was torn between starting a new blog and posting here, but I really struggle with what to post on what days with only one blog. I don’t want to double post a few times a week, and feel like my daily updates would be incredibly long if I skipped a few days to do some other stuff. Problem solved: two blogs. I am estimating rolling the blog out on Wednesday if everything goes well (meaning Luke is low maintenance and I can get some stuff done).

I’m really excited to be giving this a go. I want to get into social media marketing, and feel like this would be a huge help in establishing myself in the market.

Wish me luck, I’ll probably be overwhelmed with the changes tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “Changes Are Happening!

  1. Good for you! Nice to see things are improving with the new formula. Poor Bub was probably so clingy because his digestion was hurting him and now he is more comfortable he can sleep happily on his own. Way to go for your persistence in this! You are a great mama. X

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    • Thanks 🙂 I am doing my best. I caved at 6am and brought him to bed with me. It was easier than him clawing at my shirt all night trying to get to my boobs. I think daddy enjoyed having me all to himself in bed too


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