Luke’s Gastroenterology and Cardiology Appointments

Today was a big day for my little man. Thanks in large part to my apparent inability to correctly write down appointments, he had doctors visits with the gastroenterologist and cardiologist today.


Basically since birth, Luke has had issues with eating. Milk and soy formulas didn’t settle in his tummy right, and he frequently pooped bloody mucus. We switched him to Enfamil Nutramigen and things got a bit better, but he still wasn’t 100%. Today he went to the GI to discuss his issues with eating, slow weight gain and reflux.

After an incredibly thorough exam and discussion on best treatment options, we were given the recommended path with the least invasive treatments first.

  1. For the next 10 days Luke will be exclusively formula fed. In the meantime I can pump and store because eventually we will try to reintroduce breast milk.
  2. We are switching from Nutramigen which is a protein based hypoallergenic formula to Elecare, which is an amino based hypoallergenic formula. He will be exclusively on this for the next 10 days. They gave us 3 cans of elecare to get us through the next 10 days, but it’s $49.99 for a 14 ounce can of Elecare (compared to $28 for a 12 ounce can of Nutramigen and $16 for a 12 ounce can of regular Enfamil). Depending on the outcome of this trial we have two options:
    1. If the trial is successful and we see a difference in Luke, we are to try to reintroduce breast milk and see how that goes.
      1. If the breast milk reintroduction shows no relapse we can continue to introduce breast milk and formula as needed.
      2. If the breast milk causes a relapse I can either:
        1. Eliminate all possible allergens (milk, soy, eggs, fish, nuts, wheat) from my diet and try again
        2. Give up breast feeding and exclusively formula feed
    2. If the trial is unsuccessful there isn’t much else they can do. He would be admitted overnight to have some testing run to see if his intestines are inflamed or anything like that. It would require general anesthesia and a hospital stay. We could also try another brand of amino formula, but this is the last thing we can try.
  3. We are going to increase his Zantac in 10 days to 1mL twice a day instead of .5mL twice a day. We can go up to 1.5mL twice a day but they want to try the lower dose first. If the 1mL twice a day and Elecare does not help with the reflux, we are then switching to Prevacid.
  4. Hold off on solids for now until we can figure out the whole eating issue and get his belly under control.
  5. Revisit in 3 weeks to check in and see how he’s doing.

Overall, I am okay with this plan. It sucks that I have been trying so hard to breast feed  Luke and it could have been causing him issues this whole time, and makes me feel guilty for pushing so hard when everything was saying to stop. Knowing you could be one reason your baby has been in pain is emotional. I would rather Luke be fed and thriving though so I am okay with exclusive formula feeding if that’s what we have to do.


When we went in for Luke’s 4 month appointment the doctor detected a heart murmur. Apparently heart murmurs are more common that we know about but it’s still a scary situation.

The cardiologist did an EKG on Luke, which revealed nothing. His heart was beating as it normally should. Given all of his other issues we did do an ultrasound to check and make sure everything is okay. The cardiologist was really good and got the ultrasound done quickly. Luke does have a small hole in the wall of his heart, but it shouldn’t cause a problem at all. He said that some babies are born with the small hole and it eventually closes, and in some babies the hole doesn’t close. Either way it isn’t dangerous.

He also said that he does hear the murmur but didn’t see anything wrong on the ultrasound. Luke has what is called an innocent heart murmur. Basically what it is is just the sound the blood makes as it is traveling through his heart. Again, this isn’t dangerous and doesn’t pose a risk in the future. It may or may ot go away as he grows, but it will never turn into something serious.


All in all I am so relieved by the prognosis from each of his appointments. I feel a little uneasy from the GI appointment just because we don’t have a definitive answer, but rather a try this and see what happens kind of answer. I am glad his heart issue isn’t an issue and that everything is okay there.


5 thoughts on “Luke’s Gastroenterology and Cardiology Appointments

  1. Oh man, so sorry you had that worry! So SO glad his heart is ok!! My little one is probably going to have to see a gastrointerologist. The doctor thinks she may have polyps because her bleeding isn’t consistent. I’m nervous though because it probably means a colonoscopy. Any advise or thoughts? Was your sins bleeding an everyday kind of thing?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh no! I hope she’s okay! Lukes bleeding was pretty consistent with every diaper change.

      As far as colonoscopies go from what they told us it isn’t a huge thing but will require an overnight stay at the hospital. Please keep me updated on little miss


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