Domperidone: Does It Work?

As someone who suffers from numerous breast feeding issues, I didn’t think Domperidone would work for me. We finally figured out what was going on with my body, and why despite my best efforts I could not increase my milk supply. My problem is three-fold: I suffer from mammary hypoplasia (also known as IGT), have a slow refill rate and low prolactin levels. Each problem in itself is easily rectified…..the three together is somewhat more of a challenge.

Mammary hypoplasia, IGT, occurs when a woman does not develop proper glandular tissue during adolescence. While breasts can be either small or large, the most common characteristics are narrow widely spaced breasts, swollen/puffy areolas, asymmetrical breasts where one is much larger than the other, and milk that either never comes in or comes in after 3-5 days after delivery. Women with hypoplasia will never be able to exclusively breast feed (or at least most won’t). The only thing that you can do is try to feed from the breast as much as possible and supplement using either donor milk or formula to meet the babies needs. At this point the maximum milk that my breasts can hold about an ounce and a half.

I also suffer from a slow refill rate. Basically milk making breasts never totally empty, but the more they are drained the quicker they fill back up. Somehow there has been a disconnect between my brain and my breasts to where I can empty them to a point of no milk able to come out and then it takes more than a few hours for them to refill back to the ounce to ounce and a half mark. Usually it takes about 4 hours to refill… matter how many times I pump or put Luke to the breast, it still takes a very long time for them to refill. The only way I have found to get them to refill faster is to put the baby to the breast more frequently….which hasn’t helped me out at all.

The last issue is low prolactin levels. I’m not sure how it works exactly (I don’t have much time to google it right now) but somehow prolactin is critical in breast milk production. If you have low prolactin levels, you will produce low levels of breast milk. This is easily fixable by increasing prolactin levels.

So on to the critical question: is Domperidone working?

Here is a picture of what took me all day to pump prior to the Domperidone:


I’ve seen a stead increase in my milk supply, but still not anywhere near where I would want it to be.

From upper left to lower right here is my results for the first 6 days. I have consistently pumped about 5 ounces each day, other than the first day. It does seem to have kind of plateaued so I have started today increasing from 90mg/day to 100mg/day and will go up gradually until I hit my max output.


12 thoughts on “Domperidone: Does It Work?

    • My doctor figured it out using a lot of my previous history and some blood work a while back that we just got the results for. The hypoplasia is evident based upon the way my breasts look and feel, the low refill rate has become evident when I tracked pumping output. The low prolactin levels were blood tests taken a few weeks ago.

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      • My situation sucks because my baby was in the NICU for 8 days following his birth. My milk came in just shy of 72 hours.. Once we got home my output jumped from 30 mL to 105 mL. Unfortunately, he was re-admitted to the NICU for 12 days and my supply instantly plummeted back to 30 mL. I struggled with my supply the rest of the time. It sucks because we will never know if my issues were situational or other problems. Based on your explanation, my breast size and shape sound just like the first think you described. Plus having hormone issues…

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      • I wonder if the Domperidone would work for you or if you would even want to try it. I would speculate that part of your supply issue was in part caused by stress. I’m sure that having a tiny in the NICU would be incredibly stressful.

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      • Oh my gosh, you have no idea. Stress def played a huge role in my supply; that’s for sure. Unfortunately, I stopped pumping at 4.5 months. The stress of going back to work killed my supply.. I was only pumping 1 oz at a time (even a little less). I still think about it and it frustrates me.. I wish I could have continued much longer than I did


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