4 Month Check Up Concerns

Luke is four months old today, and I couldn’t be happier. This has been one of the most wild rides I have ever been on, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a mom.

At four months, most babies go in for routine screening and shots. If you’ve read my previous posts, Luke hasn’t had the easiest of times with medical issues. We’ve been working our way through them and I thought that things were getting better. Well, I was wrong.

I’ll start with the beginning of his appointment. We arrived at the doctors office at 2pm and I had to fill out a development survey. Luke is doing really well and has mastered all of the tasks on the 4 month assessment and some of the stuff on the 6 month assessment. Ronny got Luke undressed and the nurse came in for measurements. Luke weighed 13 pounds 10 ounces, which is the 14th percentile. He is continuing to drop percentiles each time we go in, but is gaining weight overall. He is 25 inches long, and sitting pretty in the 42nd percentile. She had to measure his head twice because it has only grown 1cm in 2 months from 40cm to 41. He went from the 77th percentile down to the 29th. They didn’t seem concerned about that though.

The doctor then came in and asked us how Luke was doing. I brought up my concerns with the continued blood and mucus in his bowel movements despite being 100% dairy and soy free. I also asked about his cough/tugging on ear, lump in his butt crack and continued reflux issues. She gave him a thorough exam, looking in his eyes, ears and mouth, checking his legs and joints for motility issues, took a look at his bum and listened to his heart and lungs. I showed her a picture of one of Luke’s diapers and she could see the mucus and blood in his stool. She had a hemo-something drawn and ordered his shots.

This is where the problems come in. When the doctor was listening to Luke’s heart, she detected a murmur. It was concerning enough that she recommended we go in for an appointment with a pediatric cardiologist to have it assessed. Apparently some babies are born with a small hole in a valve, that grows closed as the baby gets older. Sometimes a murmur forms as the hole is closing and the muscles get stronger. Either way it could be nothing, or it could be something. Only a trained professional can tell us what steps we need to take, but it will probably include an ultrasound of his heart to check everything out.

We also need to go and speak with a pediatric gastrointestinal doctor. Luke’s iron levels were low enough that she was concerned that something is going on in his GI tract given the blood and mucus stools despite switching to a hypoallergenic formula and strict monitoring of my diet. Paired with the continued reflux issues we should really have him more thoroughly evaluated.

To be honest with you all, I went into the appointment terrified that something was wrong. When we were told about the murmur I damn near started to cry. My poor baby already has had so many issues…….he doesn’t need anything else going on. The doctor made a flippant comment about if my husband knew about all of my medical issues before we decided to reproduce. The comment was meant to be funny, but really it made me feel pretty badly. Like I somehow have doomed not only Luke, but all my future babies to a life of medical misery.

Anywho……here’s my little fella at 4 months old….




10 thoughts on “4 Month Check Up Concerns

  1. We were told Gianna had a murmur at her 4m appt too, and that we’d have to monitor it. Completely gone at her 6m appt. Sometimes I think peds are just really good at fear mongering. hopefully it’s the same situation for Luke! If it isn’t gone, and it’s reassuring at all, I’ve had a murmur my entire life that has never effected me. Lol more often than not they are super benign!

    Thinking of you guys, and hoping for the best.

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  2. Wishing you the best with the upcoming appointments. I’m sorry your little guy has to go to them in the first place, but I’m glad you are getting him the best care possible! Pushing for proper medical care is one thing I’ve come to realize you are amazing at!

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  3. Whoa, whoa…she said what?? Aside from fucking rude, it makes absolutely no sense. Anyway, try to forget it. YOUR amazing body build that handsome boy. Screw her.

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  4. I wanted to mention that Owen also had a bit of a murmur and his doctor said in 14 years he has sent babies to the cardiologist, none came back with any concerns. He said its common for babies to have this kinda murmur.
    Don’t get too worried! Xo

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