Could Little Man Be Sick?

After battling a sore throat for a few days, I woke up Sunday morning sicker than sick. I was running a low grade fever, my throat was so sore I could barely talk or swallow, I felt like I was holding a weight on my chest, my nose was stuffed up and I had a headache. Little man seemed to be doing alright so I tried to breast feed him as much as possible to give him antibodies to the cold I was brewing……and tried to stay away from him as much as I could so he wouldn’t get sick too. Ronny took care of Luke for me Sunday afternoon and through Sunday night so I could get some rest. Unfortunately, I don’t think we were successful in keeping little man from getting sick.

I noticed starting Sunday afternoon that Luke has started tugging on his right ear. At first I didn’t think anything of it, other than maybe he found his ear. He discovered his feet the day before so it wasn’t that far of a stretch. Monday he started coughing and when I gave him a bath I noticed a discharge/build up in his right ear lobe. I do (carefully) clean his ears when I bath him, so this was something new. He’s been fussier than usual today and sleeping a ton.

I feel bad for the little man because he doesn’t understand what is happening and that mommy got him all germy. All he knows is that he doesn’t feel well and can’t tell me where he doesn’t feel good. We have his 4 month check up tomorrow so I will talk to them about it then. I have a list going of things to ask the doctor about actually.

Please say a little prayer that my tiny tot starts to feel better soon. And if you would be so inclined maybe you could throw in a good word for me, since I still don’t feel well myself.


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