First Postpartum Period

I was kind of hoping that my period would stay away for awhile….either because I was suppressing ovulation while breast feeding, or because we were able to get pregnant again before I actually started my period. Well, that scenario didn’t happen. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with this first cycle, and let me tell you…..Aunt Flow has given me a run for my money.

It’s been 1 year, 1 month and 6 days since my last cycle started. 402 blissful, period free days (excluding the 42ish days I bled starting 117 days ago when Luke entered the world). After such a long break, you know Aunt Flow wasn’t very happy. I had been cramping for a little while now, and my pelvic pain doctor chalked it up to irritated nerves in my uterus. Of course all her poking and prodding pissed Flow off……and she chose the most inopportune time to show her ugly face.

Mere hours after finishing up our black Friday shopping, I went to the bathroom at my parents house. When I saw red in my undies, shock is an understatement. I FREAKED out! For a brief second I thought that something was seriously wrong. I called Ronny into the bathroom to confirm my worst fears and cry into his shoulder. We then headed to the store for supplies, because I had packed all my supplies away weeks ago. Since Friday afternoon, I have gone through about 20 pads or so. It works out to roughly a pad every 2 hours. To say my uterus is angry is an understatement.

Thankfully my husband is amazing and is going to pick e up more pads today, and then take care of Luke for a bit so I can get some rest.


3 thoughts on “First Postpartum Period

  1. I’ve always had a super light cycle and after having my son my periods have been insane…honestly each period is as heavy as each one of my miscarriages it’s that bad. I can’t wait till my 6 month PP visit with my OB in a few weeks to find out what the hell is going on!


  2. The 2 periods I have had since having Levi have been horrendous in terms of blood loss. To the point that DH and I were seriously considering that I may need to go to the ER. We are talking soaking 2 tampons at a time in about 1.5 hours for a couple days. But oddly, I had very little cramping….?? AF is stupid. I too was hoping to get pregnant postpartum and skip AF altogether. Oh well.. 😦

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