Out Of Control

Since Luke was born, I have been on quite the bender……a spending bender. It’s gotten pretty out of control. Whenever I want something, I go out and get it (or order it from Amazon – it’s cheaper, has no tax and free shipping), without hesitation. Before Luke it wouldn’t have been a problem. We were a two income family, easily able to live off of one income. We are in a whole different phase of our lives now.

We have an increased cost of living, along with dropping down to a one income family. I have sort of been looking for something I can do at home in my “spare” time, but haven’t found much legitimate work. I was going to sign up to be an Amazon affiliate but thanks to a stupid state law, Colorado has been blacklisted. I have signed up to be both a Target and Babies R Us affiliate, but haven’t even posted any affiliate links yet.

We bought a car outright, and financed a second. We are upgrading from a one bed apartment to a two bed (a $300/month increase in rent). I have also been pretty frivolous with my spending. Going into the holiday season, this doesn’t seem like the greatest idea in retrospect.

Well…..what’s done is done. It’s time to buckle up and get serious about our finances. After doing some Christmas shopping, I am going to be firm on a budget. I’m going to get back into couponing, and figuring out other ways to save money on everyday essentials. I am going to start Luke on cloth diapers during the day (probably) to save money on diapers, and use homemade wipes at home. I’ve ordered Domperidone to help increase my breast milk supply, and while I know we won’t make it to exclusive breast feeding, even slightly more breast milk will result in less costs associated with the purchase of formula (and at $40 a can, that’s a great improvement).

At this point every little bit helps.


And if you are ever so inclined (and plan on doing some holiday shopping on Targets website…..please click here and help a fellow blogger out with some much needed income)


5 thoughts on “Out Of Control

    • You take half of the paper towel roll, put it in the container. Mix together to and a quarter cups of water, two tablespoons of baby wash and 1 tablespoon of baby oil or mineral oil depending on if you would like the fragrance or not. Then you are going to pour that over the paper towel roll. Then you are going to reach in and pull out the cardboard tubing. It’s easier to pull out once it’s wet. Then, as you need a wipe, you just reach for the center and pull out as you need a wipe, very easy. You can cut little slats in the top of the container so you can pull it out and it remains closed. Or you can leave it and just pull the lid off as you go.


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