My Poor Baby

Little man just can’t seem to catch a break! After seemingly getting better from all his issues at birth, he has since regressed a bit. A few weeks ago he had a rash with white bumps. I treated it with the nystatin cream and it went away. The past few days he’s had a red butt, but yesterday within hours of a diaper change (like 2) he got a bunch of red blisters on his butt. I took him in to the doctors.

Turns out little man has quite a few things going on. The rash on his butt is actually a yeast infection. He also has oral thrush again, has an irritated gut giving him specks of blood/mucus in his stools and diahrrea, the blood in his poop has lowered his iron levels, he gets motion sickness in the car and most aggravating of all (because I asked about the possibility and my concern was dismissed as normal baby behavior) he has silent reflux. 

He’s now on probiotics to help heal his gut and introduce good bacteria into his system to hopefully get rid of the yeast, oral and topical thrush medication, and liquid Zantac for reflux. We need to loosen his car seat straps around his belly so it doesn’t put pressure on his belly and find a way to block the window so he won’t get as sick when we go places.

My little man is a mess and given my health history, I can’t help but feel I have doomed him to a life of medical problems. In my head I know that this isn’t my fault, and that they are relatively minor issues that once under control will probably resolve. My heart hates that my little person is having a rough go of it. 

Thank goodness he’s generally a happy baby of I would be a mess!


15 thoughts on “My Poor Baby

  1. Also if I may make a suggestion! If you aren’t already, I suggest you yourself go on either a good probiotic, or start integrating fermented foods into your diet such as kombucha and fresh sauerkraut (not canned), as well as reducing your bread and sugar intake. Your gut bacteria gets passed on at birth, so if you had a slight yeast problem before that may be why Luke is struggling a bit at the beginning here. Also Nystatin is really notorious for just causing multiple yeast infection rebounds because it never takes care of the root of the problem.

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    • I am also taking probiotics. We actually started taking them a few days ago before I went to the doctor. At this point I’m pretty much eating meat and fruits/veggies due to a combo of my allergies and Lukes allergies. Well….really I’m not eating a lot in general because wheat free/dairy free/soy free is kinda hard lol


      • That’s hard…I can’t imagine! The kombucha or fermented food will make all the difference, I swear! (I once battled an intestinal yeast infection for a year). Another effective treatment is taking organic virgin coconut oil in the morning…it is antifungal and antibacterial, it kills yeast. Then taking your probiotic a couple hours after that will replenish good bacteria. Taking just a probiotic will not kill the pathogenic yeast on its own. This will help stop the re-infection of thrush to Luke. And I’m also sorry if I’m coming on strong, but I went through all my learning of nystatin, as well as diet changes. If you have a pathogenic yeast problem, (candida) it could be why you have allergies, hormone problems, and the list goes on. Just google and check it out when you have time 🙂

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      • You’re not being pushy at all. I’m learning a lot as time goes on. I’ll look at kombucha as I’ve never heard of it. I have a coconut allergy so that’s off the table (lol). He’s on fluconozol or something like that for the oral thrush as the nystatin wasn’t working and nystatin cream on his tush. I have probiotics from whole foods and the Xanac for his reflux. Plus he’s already on nutramigen because I don’t produce enough milk for him and regular formula makes him miserable due to his own allergies. My hormones are actually just fine. Just allergies that I’ve had for most of my life. Thank you for sharing your info with me and let me know if you think of anything else


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