Luke’s Life: 3 Months

Where has the time gone? Little man is already 3 months old, and getting bigger every day! The love that I have for this tiny human is immeasurable. Sure there are times when I am tired and his crankiness gets to me, but the majority of the time I love him so incredibly much.

Luke is still a tiny guy. He weighed in at 12 pounds 6 ounces this morning, and has dropped down to the 14th percentile. He’s 24 inches long and is sticking to the 40th percentile. He’s a big headed, tall, skinny boy! He’s still in the 0-3 month clothes, and doesn’t appear to be growing out of them any time soon. That’s okay though because we have some of the cutest things that he can wear around Christmas if he’s still fitting into the 0-3 stuff.

Luke has grown by leaps and bounds this past week. He really found his voice and has been “talking” up a storm. He loves to squeal and squeak. He’s been chewing on his fingers, and I’m pretty sure he’s starting to teeth. At the very least he’s got his little tooth buds coming in. He drools like crazy too. We got Luke to laugh a couple of times. You can see the video of his very first laugh here. 

He will reach out and try to grab at toys dangling above his head. If you lay something on his chest, he will grab onto it. He loves to grab his crinkly elephant and chew on it. I finally caught him rolling over from his tummy to his back too. He’s so close to being able to roll the other way, and it feels like just minutes away from crawling. He smiles so much more and is genuinely a happy baby.

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