Played Diaper Genie 2 Essentials Review

A Diaper Genie was one of the last things that I would have purchased for myself. While standing in the checkout lane at a local children’s consignment shop, I overheard an exchange between a mother looking to trade some unused and no longer needed times and the employee in charge of buying childrens products for resell. The employee was telling the woman that despite the fact that the diaper genie had never been used, it was not a product that they could buy. The woman looked around and when our eyes met I told her that I would take it if she didn’t want it. She happily agreed. 

The Playtex Diaper Genie 2 Essentials currently retails at Babies R Us for $29.99 and Target for $19.99. The diaper pail features a air-title system and push and lock clamp to help control the odors associated with dirty diapers. The inner bag has 7 layers to seal in odors and germs, and can hold up to 34 newborn diapers before needing to be emptied.

The Pros:

+ It really does keep odors to a minimum. In the first few days of my son’s life I was using a regular trash can with a trash bag in it. By the end of the third day, out bedroom smelled horribly of dirty diapers. I got the diaper genie all set up and put it in our room and the dirty diaper smellhasn’t  come back. The only time I notice an odor is when the bag is close to needing to be changed and you push a diaper in, a small amount of odor escapes the push n clamp system.

+ The diaper genie essentials pail is really easy to set up. It’s as simple as pulling the diaper pail out of the box, tying a knot in the first bag from the diaper pail bags, setting the bag ring into the slot and shutting the diaper pail. 

+ It’s user friendly. In fact it’s so simple to use, you can do it one handed. The lid is very easy to Lift one handed and doesn’t take much pressure to push the diaper through the push n lock clamp.

+ Removing the dirty diapers is easy as well. To remove the bag of dirty diapers, open the middle section by pressing in on the button on the front. Using the cutting tool located just above the bags, cut the bag off at the top and tie it on a knot. Pull another section of bag out and tie a knot in the bottom before closing the diaper pail back up.

+ One ring of diaper bags lasts a really long time. Each ring can hold up to 1000 diapers depending on the size of the diaper, how small you can make the diaper before shoving it in the pail, and how tightly you are able to pack the diapers in. I am still on the first ring after daily use after 10 weeks.

The Cons:

– Occasionally odor escapes from the diaper pail while pressing a fresh dirty diaper in. The odor goes away pretty quickly, but it smells really bad.

– When changing the bag, quite a bit of odor escapes as you cut the bag off and tie it closed.

– Sometimes the bag outside of the push n clamp area gets wet as you push a dirty diaper through and you don’t realize it until you go to push the next diaper through and your hand gets wet. It’s gross.

– the refills are pretty expensive. I double stacked coupons me still spent about $4 for essentially a glorified trash bag.

My thoughts:

I am glad that I got the diaper genie for free, because I probably wouldn’t have purchased it otherwise. That being said, I am really happy with for the most part. It’s easy to use and keeps the odors to a minimum. It takes up less space than the other trash can I was using and is portable. I wish there was a way to seal the bag before opening the  case to empty it, but changing the bags out goes so quickly that not much odor escapes for long. Diapers do sweat in it and gets your hand wet when you push another diaper in, but you can solve that problem by pushing it in with a wipe. 

I would recommend the Diaper Genie Essentials 2 as an essential need for a nursery, in fact I would recommend buying one for each room where the baby will be changed frequently.


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