Post Surgery Check-In, Changes and Catching Up

Let’s call it what it is…..I’ve been a pretty big bitch the past couple days. I don’t know what it is about anesthetics and pain medications but they make me so incredibly angry. So much so that I would argue with just about anyone over any little thing. I woke up from surgery with such hostility and it seems to have had a ripple effect into all aspects of my life. Luke is by far getting the worst of it, because I am in so much pain that I am not able to take care of him 100% and have had to rely on others to walk him when he’s upset, bounce him when he’s tired, get bottles for him when he is hungry, and today daddy is going to have to give him a bath. About the only thing I can do with him is snuggle and love on him when he’s happy and let him snuggle next to me when he is asleep.

I’m on the 3rd day since surgery (on Wednesday), and I am in so much pain it’s unbelievable. My mom had the same surgery done a few weeks before Luke was born and she was up walking around like it was no big deal. What a trooper! Last night it felt like I ripped something open and haven’t been able to put much weight on it since then. My follow up is on Friday of next week, and I have to leave the dressings on until then. I desperately want to take a sneak peek and see what my foot looks like. I can tell that the pain I was feeling in it is now gone. It just feels like I got shot in the foot now. Or at least it feels like what I assume being shot feels like…..seeing as I’ve never been shot. I should probably do better at taking the pain pills, but I am having such a hard time with it. I don’t remember when the last time I took one was, so I wait until I know it’s been way past the time and am in unbearable pain…..then I take 2.

While I have help with Luke, I am working on some changes to the blog. I try to post at least a little something every day. Some days I go back to a previous post and update that, others I write a quick blurb about the day. I am working on drafts of various product reviews that I can just publish on the days when I don’t have something to say or if I’ve gotten too busy to write a proper post for the day. Speaking of which, if we are friends on facebook, could you please PM me your blog name for a future post? The first two posts I wrote that way discuss my top 10 nursery must haves and my baby wish listIs there anything you would like to see reviewed?

I’m working on getting caught up on everyone’s blogs. It’s been a long day of reading and commenting… I apologize if I’m commenting on posts from a week or more ago. I started at the bottom and am working my way up. I half considered just going to the page of people I follow and going individually through each blog to catch up.


3 thoughts on “Post Surgery Check-In, Changes and Catching Up

  1. Sorry you’re still in so much pain. Maybe you could set an alarm or reminder on your phone for when it’s time to take your next dose of pain meds, so that you don’t forget? Hopefully it will start feeling better for you soon!!

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