New Pediatrician

I have absolutely, without a doubt, had it with our pediatrician. Before Luke was born, we decided to go with the Pediatrician at the hospital where I received prenatal care and delivered. I should have known better given the level of prenatal care I received. I had kind of hoped that with the livelihood of little people on the line, the care would be better.

We have visited the pediatrician a few times now. In the beginning they were really attentive to Luke. We went in every other day for bilirubin and weight checks until his jaundice was gone and he was starting to gain weight. That’s about where the great care ended. 

1) when Luke had thrush the first time (yes, it’s back) they couldn’t get us in for almost 2 weeks and told us to go to the er instead. While I realize thrush isn’t a life or death situation, it got pretty bad. Not only did it impact our breastfeeding relationship, but my little man was in pain from the sprees in his mouth. 

2) When I took Luke in almost 2 weeks ago because he had been vomiting, along with numerous other symptoms, and was concerned with him having an allergy the doctor basically told me that I needed to prove to him that Luke couldn’t survive on breast milk alone. He told me to exclusively breastfeed over the weekend and come back for a weight check. Not only that, but he made it seem like I was a horrible mother with the way he was talking to me and asking questions. He treated me as if I was a 14 year old with a baby. Yes, I know how to swaddle my baby……didn’t you notice he was swaddled when you came in? No, I don’t yell at my baby or get frustrated with him. No, I don’t shake him. I’m here to find out why he’s throwing up and in pain……

3) When we went to the e.r. For the same issue we went to the pediatrician for, Luke was diagnosed with a milk protein allergy……..which is what I asked the pediatrician about and he said it couldn’t be an allergic response to the formula. I discovered that our health insurance company would cover the cost of formula if the pediatrician called in and had it preauthorized. I give the pediatrician the number, and the diagnostic codes the insurance company gave me. It’s now been over a week and a half, and they have yet to call it in. 

4) Not only have they not called in the formula, but when I asked them about it the nurse and doctor made me feel really badly about formula feeding. Their recommendation was to skip the formula all together and order Domperidone from Canada to boost my supply. Domperidone is banned in the U.S. Because of its side affects causing irregular heart patterns and death. So rather than write a prescription for a formula my son can digest and thrice on, they want me to avoid all dairy and take a potentially life threatening medication to increase my supply.

To be honest, I’m over it. I want a doctor that is going to put my sons best interests at heart  and not be so judge mental when it comes to anything but exclusively breastfeeding. I would if I could, but I can’t so please help me do what is best for my little boy.


14 thoughts on “New Pediatrician

  1. I think you are doing an amazing job of putting your son first and demanding the best care. It may be stressful right now, but demanding the best care possible is going to pay off. Search for the best doctor and keep trying new ones until you find the right doctor for you and Luke.

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  2. That sounds so stressful and not at all what you need. I would be doing the same and finding a new doc. You should be comfortable and know you have the best care for your baby.


  3. If it makes u feel any better, domperidone is used around the world to treat babies with stomach problems. The doses that start to cause cardiac issues were VERY high, and via IV. I’m happy to share what I learned about it with you, if you ever were interested 🙂 I’m glad you are pursuing the care you both deserve!

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  4. I was thinking about you the other day and I was wondering why you seemed to have gotten ‘stuck’ with some pretty big situations as a mother early on that are, frankly, really kind of difficult to deal with. I still don’t know why that is, probably just the luck of the draw. But man, you have been handling it with grace and have been a total champion for him. I really hope getting a better Dr will mean you have to do less advocating. And I agree, 2 weeks for an apt is ridiculous. Fingers crossed your new doc is checked in and helpful.

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    • My husband and I were talking about this earlier. I don’t know why I seem to be dealt the more difficult situations in life. I do the best that I can with what I am given and just pray for an okay outcome. Thank you for your thoughts and kind words. Sometimes I really don’t think I’m doing that great of a job handling all of the extras with being a mommy. The new doc was amazing and the whole practice seemed really nice. Nice enough for us to switch our two month check up to the new practice.

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