Luke’s Life: Week 7

Seven weeks already!?!? I can’t believe that 49 days ago my little man joined the world. It’s been such an amazing roller coaster ride, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. This past week has been very busy……and very productive. After proving to the pediatrician that Luke cannot survive on breast milk alone, we figured out that he has a milk protein allergy and is now doing so well on Nutramigen formula from Enfamil. Hematology has decided it best to wait on Luke’s blood tests and gave us a prescription in case he needs it.

Luke is currently sitting at 9.5 pounds, which is slightly more than he weighed on Monday. He is able to keep down his food, but the weight gain is going a bit slower than I anticipated. He is 21.75 inches, and growing well. He is still about the 20th percentile for his height and weight, but that’s ok because he is still growing.

This week Luke really took an interest in looking around. He can hold his head up on his own for about 5 minutes (or more) and twist it from side to side. He really likes looking at lights, and frequently converses with the teddy bears hanging above his swing. He discovered his ability to kick, and loves to splash around in the tub. He is very alert (we have gotten numerous comments on how aware of his surroundings he is). He loves to wrap his arms around my neck and weave his fingers through my hair, and he loves to be held.

Luke still hates to have his diaper changed, and despises tummy time. He doesn’t like being taken out of his car seat, ad cries if he can’t see us in the car. Waking him up is worse than waking up a teenager. His fits are second to none.


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I’m doing pretty good too. Emotionally I am doing a lot better than I was two weeks ago. After figuring out the whole feeding issue and learning of low supply and milk allergies, getting the lip and tongue ties looked at, and postponing the blood draw, I feel a lot better about my ability to be a mom.

Now if I could just find the 7 pacifiers that I seem to have lost……


10 thoughts on “Luke’s Life: Week 7

  1. I’m so pleased to hear you are feeling a lot better than you were. That’s awesome. We had a milk protein issue here too for my little man that come out as eczema. He can have some dairy now (mostly cheese – he doesn’t care for cows milk as never had it) and not react so that’s nice as it means I don’t have to freak out at parties etc. Just telling you so you know what the road ahead may look like 🙂


  2. So good to hear that things are going better and you’re getting settled in with the feeding stuff. He’s getting so big! Such a relief that you’re feeling better as well. Keep up the good work!


  3. I’m sure you’ve posted on here what your blood disorder is but I don’t remember reading it. Do you mind to direct me to that post please?

    I’m glad the little man is doing better on the new formula. What a sweetie. 🙂


    • I know that I’ve posted about it in quite a few posts, but don’t think I’ve actually written a post about it. I have what’s called a platelet storage pool disorder. Basically platelets are filled with granules that release when you are injured to call the clotting factor. I either don’t have enough of the granules, or they don’t release properly causing me to bleed for longer.

      Is there something you were looking for or needing more info on?


      • Oh that’s interesting and a bit scary too I’m sure. I was curious because I have a clotting disorder as well but I clot too much so I have to be on blood thinner during pregnancy and low dose aspirin at all times. So when I read that you had clotting issues, it caught my interest.


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