Hematology Update

Well, it’s been a pretty busy couple of days with doctors appointments. Today Ronny and I took Luke down to the hematology and thrombosis center at University Hospital to discuss the possibility of him having the same platelet disorder that I have. After going over my history and Luke’s short history, we came up with a plan of action.

We are holding off on the actual blood test until he is at least 18 months old. He is way too tiny for the amount of blood that they will need to accurately run the tests right now, and his veins are too small and fragile for the needles. Hopefully we won’t have to find out before then if Luke has the same issue. The hematologist thinks that Luke’s excessive clotting in the post delivery hours was due to the DDAVP crossing the placenta prior to delivery.

A part of me is so incredibly glad that they didn’t actually do a blood draw today. No mommy likes to see their baby get pokes. Yet I am also a bit discouraged because we still don’t know with certainty one way or another if he is in the clear. All I can do is hope that nothing happens in the next 15.5 months that warrants a blood draw or surgery.


4 thoughts on “Hematology Update

  1. I think that’s good news, that they are so unconcerned that he could have issues that they’re pushing the testing off for over a year. I’m sure he’ll be fine between now and then. He’s a strong little guy, and you’re a great mommy; everything will be fine 🙂


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